AI-Powered Generative Engineering Platform Motion G Secures Additional US$16 Million Funding in a Bid to Revolutionize Engineering Productivity


  • Singapore-based Motion G, Inc. secures an additional US$16 million in funding led by Episteme, Inc.
  • The company leverages AI, machine learning, data science, and digital twin technologies to revolutionize the engineering process.
  • Motion G’s AI-powered generative engineering platform accelerates projects and raises productivity in motion control and flexible transport applications.
  • The platform’s innovative solutions have rapidly been adopted in multiple industries.
  • Motion G aims to create an intelligent testing system that combines generative virtual trials with real-time field testing for increased efficiency.

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Singapore-based Motion G, Inc. has successfully concluded its latest funding round, securing an impressive US$16 million led by Episteme, Inc. This injection of capital comes as the company continues to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, AIGC, data science, and digital twin advancements to usher in a new era of engineering productivity.

At the core of Motion G’s transformative vision lies its AI-powered generative engineering platform, a groundbreaking solution that has already begun to make waves across multiple industries. With a focus on motion control and flexible transport applications, Motion G’s integrated solutions have set a new standard for productivity, propelling projects from concept to reality with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

The platform’s exceptional capabilities have garnered widespread attention, and its swift implementation in various sectors has been nothing short of impressive. By redefining the engineering process, Motion G is driving significant gains in productivity, positioning itself as a leader in the industry.

However, Motion G’s ambitions do not end there. In an endeavor to revolutionize traditional testing practices, the company is diligently developing an intelligent testing system that will seamlessly integrate generative virtual trials with real-time field testing. This innovative approach is expected to deliver a substantial boost in overall efficiency, providing engineers with a powerful tool to refine their designs and solutions rapidly.

Motion G’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in engineering is unwavering. Their dedication to progress and pursuit of excellence are setting the stage for a productivity revolution that will transcend industries and inspire a new wave of innovation.


Motion G’s successful funding round and adoption of cutting-edge technologies position it as a frontrunner in transforming engineering productivity. Their AI-powered generative engineering platform sets a new standard for accelerating projects and driving productivity across industries. The company’s innovative approach to testing further enhances its potential to make a significant impact on the market, inspiring a productivity revolution and leaving a profound mark on the landscape of industrial progress. Investors and stakeholders should keep a close eye on Motion G as they continue to shape the future of engineering and pioneer new possibilities in the business world.