AI-Powered Trade Intelligence: Revolutionizing Global Partnerships


  • Traditional methods of securing international business partners are time-consuming and uncertain.
  • Cutting-edge AI tools, exemplified by Volza, are transforming this landscape.
  • Volza provides a comprehensive global trade database with invaluable insights into partners’ history and reliability.
  • Industry leaders like Vijay Sethia highlight the game-changing impact of AI in expanding business operations.
  • Volza outshines competitors by covering trade data for over 80 countries.
  • Director Michael Robinson emphasizes Volza’s mission to expedite partner identification.
  • Volza overcomes the challenge of accessing key decision-makers’ contact details.
  • AI integration is revolutionizing international trade, making partner identification more efficient and dependable.

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In the realm of international trade, securing dependable business partners has long been a formidable challenge, demanding years of meticulous groundwork, diligent analysis, and a willingness to navigate uncertainties. This feature delves into how cutting-edge AI solutions, exemplified by Volza, have ingeniously confronted these enduring obstacles.

Evaluating potential partners solely based on their online presence has proven to be a daunting task. There are no infallible methods to guarantee the competence and reliability of these entities through their digital footprint alone. While in-person visits offer valuable insights, they are both time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, transactions with unfamiliar buyers can lead to financial losses, while engagements with unknown suppliers may result in subpar products or even the forfeiture of advance payments.

For professionals in the export-import sector seeking to expand their global trade horizons, these hurdles loom large. In response, AI-driven tools like Volza empower industry experts to strategically harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, transforming these challenges into opportunities for informed decision-making. Volza boasts an expansive global trade database, complete with comprehensive shipment details obtained through bills of lading. This invaluable resource equips users with vital information about active exporters and importers, encompassing years of their trade experience, current partnerships, transaction frequencies, ongoing orders, shipment volumes, pricing trends, consignment particulars, and exhaustive trade history. Armed with this wealth of data, users can confidently evaluate and select suitable business partners.

Vijay Sethia, Director of Chamanlal Sethia, a leading rice exporter in India, attests to the game-changing impact of such tools. According to Sethia, the introduction of trade data portals has enabled them to significantly expand their business operations. Gone are the days of protracted struggles involving extensive marketing, travel, and product sampling. Today, importers and exporters can rapidly chart their market course, efficiently identifying dependable business allies within a matter of hours.

While alternative trade databases like Panjiva and ImportGenius offer analogous services, they appear to have narrower geographical coverage. A cursory examination of the Volza website reveals its extensive trade data spanning over 80 countries, whereas Panjiva and ImportGenius support databases covering 10 and 14 countries, respectively.

Michael Robinson, Director of Volza, underscores their mission to streamline the process of identifying suitable business partners. “Our goal is to make this process swifter, more cost-effective, and attainable. Users can circumvent years of tireless effort, propelling their businesses to new heights confidently and in a fraction of the conventional timeframe,” he elucidates.

Platforms like Volza also surmount the challenge of acquiring direct contact details for key decision-makers. Whether it’s the head of exports, imports, or other pertinent stakeholders, Volza’s integrated functionality furnishes access to their contact information, complete with links to their LinkedIn profiles.


The integration of AI into international trade is reshaping the landscape, making partner identification efficient and reliable. Tools like Volza, with their extensive trade data and contact information, set new industry standards. This shift signifies a future where global business expansion is seamless and confident, opening up lucrative opportunities in the market for businesses that embrace AI-driven trade intelligence.