AI’s Transformative Impact on Salaries: A 40% Boost, Says Oxford Internet Institute Study


  • Oxford Internet Institute study shows AI skills boost worker salaries by up to 40%.
  • Data science and machine learning expertise prove highly valuable.
  • Dr. Fabian Stephany predicts AI will augment, not replace, human workers.
  • Widespread re-skilling is expected across various sectors.
  • Businesses may face challenges in recruiting AI talent.
  • Fujitsu’s CTO warns of a potential “talent crunch” in the AI industry.

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In a groundbreaking study conducted by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), it has been revealed that proficiency in AI skills and knowledge can significantly elevate a worker’s salary by up to a staggering 40%. This revelation comes as a game-changer in the evolving landscape of the modern workplace.

This comprehensive study analyzed a dataset comprising more than 1,000 distinct skills and a workforce of 25,000 individuals. The focus was squarely on AI-related competencies, encompassing topics such as machine learning and data science. Astonishingly, it was demonstrated that these AI-related proficiencies held the power to unlock unprecedented earning potential for employees.

However, the study delved deeper into the dynamic interplay between the value of a skill and its propensity to harmonize with other skills within an individual’s repertoire. Notably, skills in the realm of data science emerged as supremely valuable, overshadowing skills like photo retouching. The rationale behind this lies in the higher likelihood of data science expertise being synergistically combined with other high-value skills.

Dr. Fabian Stephany, a distinguished co-author of this groundbreaking study and a respected research lecturer specializing in AI at OII, shared his insights with Verdict on the implications of this research for the future of AI’s role in the workplace.

Addressing the perennial concern of whether AI might eventually supplant human workers entirely, Stephany exuded confidence in the symbiotic relationship between AI and the human workforce. He firmly posited, “This [study] is compelling evidence suggesting that AI will not replace the workforce on a massive scale; instead, it promises to be a highly lucrative collaborator for human professionals.”

While AI may not usher in a total automation of work, Stephany contended that it would pave the way for an extensive re-skilling of the workforce. He highlighted the critical role of machine learning, referring to it as the “backbone” expertise for AI, which is increasingly permeating sectors beyond the confines of IT and academia. Consequently, professionals in domains like law and design are finding themselves compelled to acquire a nuanced understanding of AI.

In conclusion, Stephany confidently asserted, “At present, there is no discernible indication that AI will result in the displacement of half the labor force.”

However, amidst this transformative shift, businesses in pursuit of AI talent may confront formidable challenges in their recruitment endeavors. Alarmingly, a 2023 GlobalData survey revealed that approximately 15% of businesses have already integrated AI into their operations.

Vivek Mahajan, the CTO of Fujitsu, weighed in on this evolving landscape, shedding light on the looming “talent crunch” that could beset the AI sector due to its rapidly expanding relevance outside traditional IT roles. Mahajan shared his company’s struggles in recruiting individuals with AI expertise, attributing the challenges to the rapid and widespread adoption of AI alongside the rigorous prerequisites, including higher education, that prospective AI professionals need to fulfill.


The Oxford study underscores the transformative impact of AI skills on individual salaries, with the potential for a substantial 40% increase. While AI is set to augment rather than replace human workers, it will necessitate widespread re-skilling. For businesses, the looming “talent crunch” in the AI sector presents recruitment challenges, indicating a competitive market for skilled professionals.