Alberta Innovates launches “AI-Better Health” program, allocating up to $8 million for AI integration in healthcare


  • Alberta Innovates introduced the “AI-Better Health” program, allocating up to $8 million for AI integration in the healthcare sector.
  • Applicants can secure funding of up to $800,000 over three years to explore AI’s potential in Alberta’s health system.
  • Recent nationwide funding efforts have also fueled AI integration in healthcare projects.
  • The program aims to address technical challenges and privacy concerns, emphasizing responsible AI deployment and societal implications.
  • Diverse applicants from academia, industry, SMEs, and government entities are encouraged to apply.
  • Funding decisions will be made by January 2024, with projects commencing by March 2024.
  • Alberta Innovates’ prior $30 million investment in Amii underscores its commitment to AI development.

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In a strategic move to harness the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) within the healthcare sector, Alberta Innovates introduces the groundbreaking “AI-Better Health” program. This visionary initiative, with a substantial budget of up to $8 million, is poised to reshape Alberta’s healthcare landscape by fostering innovation and dismantling barriers that obstruct the seamless integration of AI technologies.

The “AI-Better Health” program beckons visionary applicants who can chart a course toward unleashing the full potential of AI within Alberta’s healthcare system. The individual project funding available through this program is substantial, offering up to $800,000 over a three-year period to deserving innovators.

This significant announcement comes on the heels of a nationwide surge in funding efforts dedicated to uncovering practical applications for AI. Scale AI, for instance, recently injected a staggering $21 million into nine projects dedicated to integrating AI into healthcare. Simultaneously, the Ocean Supercluster pledged $20 million to support nine oceans-based AI-integration projects, and Lemurian Labs secured an impressive $9 million to enhance AI-processing efficiency.

Alberta Innovates, an instrumental arm of the Government of Alberta, has a mission to bolster innovation within the province through robust funding programs. With a portfolio valued at an astonishing $1.33 billion, the organization oversees nearly 1,300 projects, solidifying its commitment to advancing technological frontiers.

The “AI-Better Health” program’s core objectives revolve around fostering superior healthcare by addressing the technical complexities and privacy concerns associated with AI integration. Furthermore, the program seeks to delineate the critical considerations surrounding the responsible deployment of AI in healthcare, as well as its broader societal and commercial implications.

Nate Glubish, Alberta’s minister of technology and innovation, underscores the significance of this endeavor: “New advances in artificial intelligence are unlocking exciting innovations in every industry, including healthcare. The AI-Better Health program will accelerate the development of new technologies to strengthen our healthcare system so that we can ensure every Albertan has access to world-class healthcare when and where they need it.

Alberta Innovates extends a warm invitation to a diverse spectrum of applicants, including those from academia, industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, and government entities. The program aims to make funding decisions by January 2024, with projects slated to commence by March 2024.

This robust commitment to AI development is not the first of its kind from Alberta Innovates, as evidenced by their previous investment of $30 million in the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii). Amii, an Alberta-based non-profit institute, stands at the forefront of AI and machine learning research, bridging the gap between scientific breakthroughs and practical industry adoption.


Alberta Innovates’ “AI-Better Health” program represents a significant investment in AI integration within the healthcare sector. With substantial funding and a focus on responsible deployment, this initiative is poised to drive innovation and elevate Alberta’s healthcare system. It reflects a broader market trend where AI is becoming increasingly integral to healthcare, offering immense potential for transformative advancements and improved patient care. Businesses in the AI and healthcare sectors should closely monitor developments in this space for potential collaboration and growth opportunities.