Alcemy Harnesses AI with $10M Funding to Lead Cement Decarbonisation Revolution

  • Alcemy, founded in 2018, raises $10 million to scale its AI-driven cement decarbonisation solution.
  • Their platform optimizes cement quality and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 65% across production processes.
  • Partnership with Spenner yields a commercial low-clinker, low-carbon cement, a global industry first.
  • Funding led by Norrsken VC supports US market entry and R&D for further industry disruption.
  • Alcemy’s technology gains traction with Titan America, expanding its footprint in sustainable construction.

Main AI News:

Berlin-based startup Alcemy, founded in 2018 by Leopold Spenner and Dr. Robert Meyer, has raised $10 million in funding to scale its innovative cement decarbonisation solution. Alcemy aims to revolutionize the concrete and cement industry through digital transformation, leveraging advanced AI technologies.

Alcemy’s AI platform focuses on predicting and optimizing cement quality across the entire production process, from clinker production to concrete processing at construction sites. By integrating robust data analytics and smart algorithms, Alcemy provides real-time insights that transform traditional cement production into a data-driven, high-tech process.

With Alcemy’s solution, companies in the cement industry can achieve significant emissions reductions of up to 65%, while enhancing product quality and lowering production costs. Recently, Alcemy partnered with Spenner, Germany’s fifth-largest cement manufacturer, to pioneer a low-clinker, low-carbon cement mixture on a commercial scale—a groundbreaking achievement in global industry standards.

Norrsken VC led the funding round, joined by prominent climate investors including Galvanize Climate Solutions and AENU. The capital infusion will fuel Alcemy’s expansion into new markets, including the United States, in 2024. This strategic funding will also support ongoing research and development efforts, reinforcing Alcemy’s position as a leader in sustainable construction solutions.

We launched Alcemy with a bold vision: to decarbonise the cement and concrete industry, which accounts for 5-8% of global CO2 emissions,” remarked Leopold Spenner, CEO and Co-Founder of Alcemy. “With this new funding and the support of Norrsken VC and our initial investors, we are driving forward towards a low-carbon future for construction.

Alexander Danielsson, Partner at Norrsken VC, added, “We are thrilled to support Alcemy’s journey. Their AI-driven software has demonstrated remarkable market traction and global scalability, offering a tangible solution to combat climate change. With their clear vision and proven technology, Alcemy is well-positioned to lead the transformation of the global cement and concrete industry.”

In another significant development, Alcemy has onboarded Titan America, a leading subsidiary of the Titan Group, as a customer, marking its entry into the US market. Alcemy will deploy its AI-powered quality control software at Titan’s cement plant in Florida, marking a pivotal step towards scaling their impact on an international scale.


Alcemy’s successful funding round and strategic partnerships underscore a growing market demand for sustainable solutions in the cement industry. Their innovative approach with AI-driven technologies not only promises significant emissions reductions but also positions them as a leader in transforming global cement production towards a more sustainable future. This funding will likely accelerate their impact, setting a precedent for other industry players to adopt similar technologies to mitigate environmental impacts and enhance operational efficiency.