Anticipating Value: 75% Stakeholders Expect Gains from AI-Driven Decision Making – IDC Survey


  • Daily business decisions, numerous and diverse, aim at achieving success but vary across departments.
  • IDC report sponsored by Aera Technology reveals that 30% of decisions remain undocumented.
  • Decision Intelligence leads to a 20% improvement across product innovation, employee productivity, and customer retention.
  • 75% of executive-level respondents see decision velocity and AI-enabled decision-making as value drivers.

Main AI News:

In the sphere of daily corporate operations, professionals and business leaders grapple with a multitude of choices on a routine basis, numbering in the hundreds, if not thousands, all with the ultimate objective of attaining success. Yet, the very definition of success can take on various nuances within the diverse landscape of business units. It could encompass securing favorable supplier agreements, optimizing product pricing strategies, elevating customer satisfaction levels, or even orchestrating the judicious allocation of marketing budgets. Each team operates with its distinct set of objectives, yet, alas, the absence of an unbroken end-to-end perspective, coupled with siloed communication, has given rise to decisions that sometimes, rather than harmonizing with one another, clash, leading to detrimental effects on overall performance.

A recent IDC report, generously sponsored by Aera Technology and titled “What Every Executive Should Grasp About AI-Powered Decision Intelligence,” unveils enlightening findings: 

  • Remarkably, 30% of the decisions within an organization remain unrecorded, shrouded in obscurity. 
  • Decision Intelligence, like a harmonious symphony, brings forth a remarkable 20% improvement across domains such as product and service innovation, enhanced employee productivity, and the retention of both customers and employees. 
  • An astounding 75% of executives, including VPs and directors, hold the firm belief that decision velocity, alongside the transformative capabilities of AI-fueled decision-making, serves as the linchpin for value creation.


The IDC report’s findings emphasize the critical role of AI-driven Decision Intelligence in enhancing business performance. Addressing the challenge of undocumented decisions and leveraging AI for decision-making can lead to substantial improvements in innovation, productivity, and customer retention. This underscores the growing importance of AI in the market, making it a key factor for companies seeking to gain a competitive edge and drive value in their operations.