AWS Expands its Footprint in Budapest, Empowering Hungarian Businesses with AI-driven Cloud Solutions (Video)


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) opens its first office in Budapest, Hungary, reaffirming its commitment to the region.
  • The move aims to support the growing number of Hungarian customers and partners transitioning to the cloud.
  • Prominent Hungarian enterprises and startups, such as Arcanum, Euronics Hungary, and Shapr3D, are utilizing AWS to drive growth and innovation.
  • The AWS office in Budapest will cater to organizations of all sizes, including startups, enterprises, and public sector entities.
  • AWS has a thriving Hungarian community, with active meetups and support groups for knowledge-sharing and networking.
  • Programs like AWS Activate and AWS Academy have been introduced in Hungary to empower startups and foster cloud-related learning.
  • AWS Skill Builder subscriptions offer hands-on, interactive learning opportunities for individuals and organizations to enhance their cloud skills.
  • Hungarian AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners and distributors welcome the opening of the AWS office, strengthening collaboration in the market.
  • Local systems integrators, both Hungarian and global, play a crucial role in assisting enterprise and public sector customers in their AWS adoption journey.
  • AWS Marketplace provides easy access to a wide range of software solutions for Hungarian customers.
  • AWS’s secure and scalable cloud services have been embraced by successful startups, enterprises, and government organizations worldwide.

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In a strategic move to bolster its commitment to the Hungarian market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently unveiled its inaugural office in Budapest, Hungary. This new establishment marks a significant milestone in AWS’s ongoing investments within Central Eastern Europe, as the company amplifies its efforts to provide comprehensive support to the burgeoning community of Hungarian customers and partners. With this expansion, AWS aims to empower organizations of all sizes, including startups, enterprises, and public sector entities, in their seamless transition to the AWS Cloud.

Renowned enterprises like Arcanum, Colossyan, Euronics Hungary,, Lensa, Puraset, Proofminder, Recart, SEON Technologies, Shapr3D, and numerous others have already embraced AWS, leveraging its innovative solutions to foster growth and redefine their business landscapes. The Hungarian market witnesses the utilization of AWS across diverse domains, spanning from mobile, web, and social applications to cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Big Data analytics, enterprise business applications, Internet of Things (IoT), and mission-critical workloads.

Moreover, AWS has fostered a thriving Hungarian community, comprising hundreds of members, including AWS customers, users, Community Builders, and Heroes. In the vibrant city of Budapest, community members actively organize two local meetups, fostering an environment of knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration among like-minded professionals. For those interested in joining these esteemed chapters of the AWS User Groups in Hungary, detailed information can be found in the official directory provided by AWS.

Przemek Szuder, the Central and Eastern Europe General Manager at AWS, expressed his enthusiasm about the incredible talent pool present in Budapest, citing it as a prime reason behind the decision to establish an AWS office in Hungary. This strategic move aims to accommodate the growing demand for AWS services among organizations seeking to fuel innovation, optimize IT costs, and drive substantial business expansion on the cloud. Szuder emphasized the company’s dedication to accelerating digital transformations for enterprises, facilitating the delivery of groundbreaking products and services to Hungarian customers and citizens.

AWS has long been an advocate of the Hungarian startup and technology ecosystem, introducing initiatives such as AWS Activate and AWS Academy to the country. AWS Activate empowers startups by providing essential resources, including up to $100,000 (USD) in credits, training, support, and access to incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms. Furthermore, AWS has actively participated in the Hungarian education sector through AWS Academy, nurturing the skills and knowledge of students and aspiring IT leaders in cloud computing. Prominent academic institutions in Hungary, including the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Pécs and Budapest University of Technology and Economics, are proud members of AWS Academy.

To deepen cloud expertise and enable hands-on, interactive learning experiences, AWS introduces the AWS Skill Builder subscriptions to organizations and individual learners in Hungary. These subscriptions facilitate immersive, challenge-based learning in live AWS environments, empowering learners to strengthen their cloud skills. AWS Skill Builder is a comprehensive digital learning center, offering a repertoire of over 600 free courses, ensuring the continuous development of cloud-related proficiencies.

The opening of an AWS office in Hungary has received a warm reception from local AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners and AWS Distributors, including Ingram Micro and TD SYNNEX Corporation. The APN encompasses tens of thousands of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) worldwide. Through the APN, AWS Partners build innovative solutions and services on the AWS platform, benefiting from extensive business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market (GTM) support.

Hungary boasts a talented pool of systems integrators, both homegrown and global, actively collaborating with enterprise and public sector customers. Companies such as Cheppers, Crayon, Snapsoft, SoftwareOne, Sonrisa, TC2, 4IG, as well as global SI giants like Accenture, Deloitte, NTT, PwC, and T-systems are instrumental in facilitating the migration of businesses to AWS, deploying mission-critical applications, and delivering comprehensive monitoring, automation, and management services for customers’ cloud environments. Among the impressive array of Hungarian ISVs utilizing AWS to reach a global customer base is ARH Zrt.

Customers in Hungary can effortlessly explore, evaluate, and procure software solutions tailored for AWS through the streamlined AWS Marketplace. AWS remains steadfast in its mission to provide customers with on-demand, pay-as-you-go access to a secure suite of cutting-edge technologies, including secure computing, storage, networking, databases, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities. Renowned organizations worldwide, ranging from disruptive startups like Airbnb and Netflix to esteemed enterprises such as BMW, Formula 1, and Epic Games, as well as renowned government bodies like the European Space Agency, the European Commission, the UK Ministry of Justice, and NASA, have embraced AWS to revolutionize their operations, enhance agility, and optimize IT expenditure.


The establishment of an AWS office in Budapest signifies a significant step towards strengthening the support for Hungarian businesses in their cloud journey. With a growing number of customers and partners in Hungary, AWS aims to foster innovation, lower IT costs, and accelerate digital transformations. The expansion provides Hungarian enterprises, startups, and public sector organizations with access to cutting-edge technologies, training programs, and a vibrant community for collaboration and knowledge exchange. This move reinforces AWS’s commitment to the Hungarian market and signals the market’s increasing reliance on cloud services for driving growth, efficiency, and competitiveness.