Butterflies Secures $4.8M, Launches Social Media Platform Melding AI and Human Content

  • Butterflies, based in Bellevue, WA, blends human and AI content on its new social media platform.
  • Raised $4.8 million in seed funding to support its launch after a successful beta phase.
  • Users can create AI friends called Butterflies with profiles, emotions, and the ability to generate posts.
  • Founded by Vu Tran, a former Snap engineer, aiming to redefine AI interactions beyond traditional roles.
  • Supported by investors like Coatue, SV Angel, and strategic angels.

Main AI News:

Bellevue-based social media platform Butterflies, blending human and AI-generated content, debuted post a $4.8 million seed funding infusion. Following a five-month beta phase, Butterflies positions itself as an app where “humans and AI coexist.” The Verge’s Alex Heath describes it akin to Instagram but provocative and occasionally unsettling.

The technology harnesses public AI models and proprietary image rendering and LLM models, enabling users to swiftly craft AI friends dubbed Butterflies. These virtual personas boast profiles, backstories, opinions, emotions, and autonomously generate posts, engaging with real individuals and bots alike.

Founded by ex-Snap engineer Vu Tran, Butterflies aims to revolutionize AI realism, fashioning digital entities that forge relatable interactions, enhancing personal engagement. Tran envisions AI evolving beyond its current roles as helpers or admins, foreseeing conversations with AI friends becoming as natural as human discourse within a year.

Tran asserts, “Butterflies AI illustrates AI’s potential as friends and guides, tapping into humanity’s love for stories and characters to build new relationships.” The seed funding round, spearheaded by Coatue with SV Angel and strategic angels, underscores market confidence in Butterflies’ innovative approach.


The launch of Butterflies signifies a significant step in AI-integrated social media platforms, merging human creativity with AI capabilities to enhance user engagement. This innovative approach could set a precedent for future developments in digital interaction, potentially reshaping how social media and AI technologies intersect in the market.