Carnegie and Unibuddy Forge Strategic Alliance to Transform Higher Education Recruitment with AI

  • Carnegie and Unibuddy collaborate to revolutionize higher education recruitment through AI and peer-to-peer engagement.
  • Focus on fostering genuine human connections and personalized experiences for students.
  • Carnegie utilizes data-rich strategies to enhance engagement, conversions, and yield for higher ed clients.
  • Unibuddy empowers institutions with insights to boost student conversion rates at every stage of the enrollment process.
  • Partnership aims to redefine recruitment strategies by combining AI technology with community-driven connections.

Main AI News:

Carnegie, a trailblazer in higher education marketing and enrollment strategy renowned for its emphasis on fostering genuine human connections in recruitment, has announced a pioneering partnership with Unibuddy, a prominent international peer-to-peer marketing platform. This collaboration marks a significant evolution in the recruitment landscape of colleges and universities, merging artificial intelligence (AI) with peer-to-peer engagement to deliver highly personalized experiences that guide students through their college selection journey.

I am thrilled about our partnership with Unibuddy because they share our vision of the transformative power of human connection and personalization,” remarked Gary Colen, CEO of Carnegie. “By integrating AI with human interaction, we aim to create a more engaging and meaningful recruitment experience for students.”

Carnegie’s core mission revolves around bridging the gap between students and educational institutions, achieved through innovative marketing and enrollment solutions that prioritize authentic human interactions. Their tailored strategies enhance engagement, increase conversions, and optimize yield, underpinned by data-driven insights that inform strategic decision-making. The Unibuddy platform complements this approach seamlessly, leveraging student-generated data to enhance personalization and foster community connections through peer-to-peer interactions.

Unibuddy stands as a pivotal student engagement platform empowering higher education institutions with actionable insights to boost prospective student conversion rates across all stages of the enrollment process. By facilitating connections between prospective students, current students, and alumni, Unibuddy cultivates pre-enrollment community-building opportunities. This proactive approach meets students at their point of interest, enabling them to connect with individuals who can provide firsthand insights, thereby empowering confident decision-making and supporting institutions in attracting and converting high-quality applicants.

Looking ahead, Carnegie and Unibuddy are eager to explore the transformative potential of human connection, AI, and peer-to-peer engagement within the higher education sector. Initial initiatives will focus on anti-melt and yield efforts during the upcoming summer, followed by comprehensive cycle strategies commencing with top-of-funnel initiatives in the fall.

Both Carnegie and Unibuddy express enthusiasm about their collaboration, envisioning a future where innovative connection-driven strategies help students discover their ideal post-secondary educational path. This partnership represents a groundbreaking tool for enrollment managers targeting Generation Z and Generation Alpha cohorts, aiming to redefine the recruitment experience through innovation and human connection.


The partnership between Carnegie and Unibuddy signifies a strategic leap towards redefining higher education recruitment. By integrating AI-driven personalization with community engagement, they aim to enhance student experiences and improve enrollment outcomes. This collaboration underscores a growing trend in the market towards leveraging technology for more personalized and effective student recruitment strategies, potentially setting a new standard for engagement in the industry.