Emobi and Autocrypt Introduce Groundbreaking US-Based Plug & Charge Ecosystem Enhanced by AI

  • Emobi and Autocrypt have launched the first US-based Plug & Charge ecosystem for EVs, integrating advanced AI.
  • Collaboration focuses on cybersecurity using ISO 15118-2 and ISO 15118-20 standards.
  • Features include seamless charging initiation and secure, automated payment processing.
  • The ecosystem sets new industry benchmarks with US headquarters ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Partnership contributes insights to the ChargeX Consortium for national charging standards.

Main AI News:

Emobi and Autocrypt have unveiled the inaugural US-based Plug & Charge ecosystem, poised to revolutionize electric vehicle (EV) charging through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). This collaboration, initiated in June 2023, between Autocrypt, a global leader in automotive cybersecurity, and Emobi, a prominent US e-mobility hub, aims to establish a secure communication framework for EVs and charging stations based on ISO 15118-2 and ISO 15118-20 standards. Central to their innovation is a robust Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) powered by advanced AI and machine learning models, designed to rectify errors and data inconsistencies inherent in conventional Plug & Charge systems.

The Plug & Charge ecosystem simplifies the EV charging experience, allowing drivers to commence charging immediately upon plugging in their vehicles. Leveraging asymmetric encryption technology, the chargers autonomously identify the EV and securely process payment for the charging session. Distinguishing itself from existing services, this groundbreaking ecosystem operates from its US headquarters, ensuring compliance with US regulatory standards and robust data security. Moreover, it incorporates an intelligent error-handling mechanism tailored to address edge cases within ISO 15118 standards, establishing a new industry standard.

Throughout the development process, Emobi collaborated closely with the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, contributing insights to the National Charging Experience (ChargeX) Consortium, funded jointly by the US Office of Energy and Transportation.

Enhanced EV charging infrastructure fosters transparency while offering enhanced operational control,” remarked Sean HJ Cho, President of Autocrypt North America. “Through the fusion of our PKI technology and Emobi’s AI prowess, we introduce a secure, pioneering Plug & Charge solution that promises seamless, precise, and secure charging and payment processes.”

Lin Sun Fa, CEO of Emobi, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing their commitment to empowering EV automakers, charger operators, and e-mobility service providers. “Our focus remains on facilitating unhindered product development amidst evolving standards,” Fa noted. “By integrating AI and Autocrypt’s PKI technology with ISO 15118 standards, we ensure ease of implementation while elevating the quality and security of charging infrastructure.”


This pioneering collaboration between Emobi and Autocrypt signifies a significant advancement in EV charging infrastructure, combining AI and robust cybersecurity measures to ensure seamless, secure operations. The introduction of the US-based Plug & Charge ecosystem not only enhances user convenience and data security but also sets a new standard for industry-wide innovation and compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks. This development is poised to catalyze further advancements in the market, encouraging stakeholders to prioritize AI integration and cybersecurity in future EV charging solutions.