EMOTIV Enlists Two Machine Learning Heavyweights as artificial intelligence sets its sights on the human brain


  • EMOTIV, a bioinformatics pioneer in understanding the human brain, has hired two prominent scientists as part of its executive leadership team.
  • Dr. Gary William Flake is appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Dr. Scott Rickard as Chief AI Scientist.
  • The hires reflect EMOTIV’s focus on advancements in artificial intelligence and leveraging their extensive human brain data repository.
  • Dr. Flake brings his expertise in machine learning and complex systems, having held leadership roles at major technology companies.
  • Dr. Rickard joins from Citadel, where he led a data science team focused on extracting insights from alternative data sources in finance.
  • EMOTIV’s co-founder, Dr. Geoff Mackellar, transitions from CTO to Chief Science Officer to drive research and development strategy.
  • EMOTIV is a recognized leader in neurotechnology, trusted by scientific, academic, engineering, and media communities.
  • Their technology finds applications in various industries, including accessibility design, psychology, medicine, robotics, and gaming.
  • The company aims to decode the human brain and improve human health through data science and artificial intelligence.

Main AI News:

EMOTIV, the pioneering bioinformatics company at the forefront of understanding the human brain through electroencephalography (EEG), has bolstered its executive leadership team with the addition of two distinguished scientists. Dr. Gary William Flake assumes the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), while Dr. Scott Rickard joins as Chief AI Scientist. These strategic appointments underscore EMOTIV’s commitment to keeping pace with the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and realizing the full potential of its vast and diverse repository of secure human brain data.

Dr. Flake, a seasoned technologist with extensive experience leading R&D teams at major technology companies, brings his expertise to EMOTIV. Renowned for his groundbreaking work, including the influential book “The Computational Beauty of Nature,” he has earned acclaim in both academic and commercial spheres.

Having held key positions such as Chief Science Officer at Overture and founder of Yahoo! Research Labs, Microsoft Live Labs, and Clipboard, Inc., he has a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Flake’s impressive portfolio includes over 150 patents and numerous publications focused on machine learning, data mining, and complex systems. In his new role as CTO of EMOTIV, he will be responsible for driving technical strategy and spearheading innovation initiatives.

Joining from Citadel, a leading multinational hedge fund managing over $62 billion in assets, Dr. Rickard assumes the role of Chief Data Scientist at EMOTIV. During his tenure at Citadel, he led a world-class data science team on Wall Street, leveraging natural language processing, machine learning, and statistical inference to extract valuable insights from alternative data sources in finance.

Previously, he held prominent positions in data science leadership at Salesforce, succeeding Dr. Flake as CTO of Search and Data Science. At EMOTIV, Dr. Rickard will focus on developing advanced brain models and leading the AI/ML team.

In a strategic transition, Dr. Geoff Mackellar, co-founder of EMOTIV, will shift from the CTO role to Chief Science Officer. He will continue to play a vital role in driving the company’s research and development strategy as EMOTIV gears up to introduce its next generation of transformative neurotechnology innovations to the neuroscience research community.

EMOTIV has emerged as a respected pioneer and market leader in the field of neurotechnology. It has garnered trust and support from scientific, academic, engineering, and media communities, as evidenced by its citation in 19,000 research papers. The applications of EMOTIV’s technology span an impressive array of industries and settings, ranging from accessibility design, psychology, and medicine to everyday computer interactions, hands-free control systems, smart adaptive environments, market research, learning, robotics, automotive, transport safety, and gaming.

Speaking on the appointments, Tan Le, CEO of EMOTIV, highlighted the remarkable opportunity that lies ahead: “Gary and Scott have already tackled some of the world’s most vast and dynamic datasets. However, even for data scientists of their caliber, the human brain remains the ultimate frontier. With the advent of generative AI and the potential to simulate intelligence, we are rapidly approaching a turning point where silicon-based technology can decode the human brain, unlock its mysteries, and even correct disorders. This presents an immense opportunity to utilize data science in improving human health and enhancing the human experience.”


The addition of renowned scientists to EMOTIV’s executive leadership team signifies the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the neurotechnology market. By harnessing advancements in artificial intelligence and leveraging its extensive human brain data repository, EMOTIV is poised to lead in unlocking the mysteries of the human brain. With applications spanning multiple industries and the potential to improve human health and enhance the human experience, EMOTIV’s strategic hires position them as key players in the rapidly evolving market of neurotechnology.