Enhancing Military Precision: MBDA Introduces Ground Warden AI for Target Detection

  • MBDA unveils Ground Warden, an AI-powered system for detecting concealed targets in challenging combat environments.
  • Demonstrated at Eurosatory, it integrates with existing missile systems to enhance situational awareness and response times.
  • Utilizes real-time image processing to guide missile trajectories and identify hidden threats.
  • Synergizes with UAVs to improve targeting in complex terrain, such as densely forested areas.
  • Complements MBDA’s Sky Warden platform for comprehensive sensor management and counter-drone operations.

Main AI News:

MBDA, the missile manufacturer, has introduced an artificial intelligence-driven capability enabling military forces to identify hidden targets in challenging combat zones. Presented during the Eurosatory defense and security conference, the Ground Warden technology extends beyond line-of-sight, enhancing situational awareness and response times.

In a demonstration scenario, a concealed firing post above a village within rugged terrain detects an enemy target, relaying critical data to a command system. As the initial missile launches, real-time imagery is processed throughout its trajectory, guiding subsequent strikes against identified threats. The Ground Warden, integrated with MBDA’s proven Akeron anti-tank guided missile system, addresses the escalating demand for rapid response capabilities in modern combat environments.

Another simulation showcased its synergy with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in densely forested areas, traditionally challenging for missile targeting. The Ground Warden collaborates seamlessly with UAVs, leveraging their reconnaissance capabilities to relay environmental data to the AI module and command infrastructure. This integration enhances precision targeting, facilitating timely interception and engagement decisions, crucial for effective mission execution.

MBDA’s development of the Ground Warden aligns with its existing Sky Warden platform, designed for comprehensive sensor management and counter-drone operations. This strategic expansion underscores MBDA’s commitment to advancing military capabilities through innovative, AI-driven solutions tailored to evolving operational needs.


MBDA’s introduction of the Ground Warden AI signifies a significant advancement in military capabilities, addressing the critical need for enhanced precision and rapid response in modern combat scenarios. By leveraging AI and integrating seamlessly with existing systems, MBDA not only enhances operational effectiveness but also sets a benchmark for future developments in defense technology. This innovation underscores MBDA’s proactive stance in meeting evolving market demands for advanced, AI-driven solutions in defense and security.


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