Entrata Acquires Colleen AI to Usher in New Era of Autonomous Property Management

  • Entrata, a leader in AI-driven multifamily OS, has acquired Colleen AI to enhance property operations automation.
  • The acquisition introduces ELI+™, a suite of advanced AI products for end-to-end workflow automation.
  • ELI+ focuses initially on AI-powered collections and renewals, with plans for further modules like leasing.
  • Integration aims to optimize operational efficiency, allowing teams to prioritize resident interactions and high-impact tasks.
  • The merger includes shareholders of Colleen AI becoming stakeholders in Entrata, Inc.

Main AI News:

Entrata, a pioneer in AI-enabled multifamily Operating Systems (OS), has announced the acquisition of Colleen AI, marking a significant leap towards automated property operations. This strategic move is poised to redefine the landscape of property management by integrating advanced AI capabilities directly into the Entrata OS.

The incorporation of Colleen AI into Entrata’s ecosystem promises to propel the industry towards Autonomous Property Management™, a vision centered on streamlined workflows, enhanced operational efficiency, and elevated resident experiences. With the introduction of Entrata Layered Intelligence™ (ELI™) and now ELI+™, operators can expect comprehensive AI-driven solutions that optimize end-to-end workflows across their portfolios.

ELI+, the enhanced suite of AI products resulting from this acquisition, empowers operators to harness cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies. This modular suite initially focuses on AI-powered collections and renewal modules, with plans to expand into leasing and beyond. Such innovations not only streamline operations but also enable property teams to redirect their focus towards meaningful resident interactions and high-impact tasks, ultimately enhancing Net Operating Income (NOI).

Adam Edmunds, CEO of Entrata, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition’s implications: “The acquisition of Colleen AI accelerates our vision of Autonomous Property Management, providing customers with market-ready AI capabilities and a team of multifamily AI experts. This integration enables end-to-end automation, allowing teams to prioritize resident satisfaction while leveraging advanced AI functionalities.”

Central to Entrata’s strategy is the consolidation of data within its OS, leveraging thousands of variables to contextualize and automate interactions through ELI+. This approach not only enhances workflow management but also ensures high-quality data inputs essential for effective AI-driven decision-making.

Itamar Roth, CEO and co-founder of Colleen AI, highlighted the transformative potential: “Introducing Colleen AI into the Entrata OS promises unmatched efficacy in multifamily operations, pushing the boundaries of autonomy. This integration will revolutionize how properties operate, offering new possibilities in automation that were previously unimaginable.”

As part of the acquisition, shareholders of Colleen AI, including Wilshire Lane Capital, will join Entrata, Inc., further solidifying the collaborative effort to drive innovation in property management through advanced AI technologies.

With Entrata’s commitment to advancing Autonomous Property Management through ELI+ and Colleen AI’s expertise, the industry can anticipate a new era of efficiency, innovation, and enhanced resident experiences in multifamily operations.


Entrata’s acquisition of Colleen AI marks a significant advancement in the property management market. By integrating sophisticated AI capabilities directly into its OS, Entrata is poised to lead in Autonomous Property Management™. This move not only enhances operational efficiency and resident experiences but also sets a new standard for innovation in the multifamily housing sector. As AI continues to reshape industry norms, Entrata’s strategic investment positions it at the forefront of technological leadership, promising to drive further advancements and competitive advantages in the market.