European Investment Fund Boosts Kembara’s Deeptech and Climate Fund with €350M Investment

  • European Investment Fund (EIF) invests €350 million in Kembara Fund I FCR.
  • Fund targets €1 billion, focusing on deeptech and climate startups across Europe.
  • Managed by Alma Mundi Ventures SGEIC, targeting growth-stage firms.
  • Emphasizes AI, quantum computing, and synthetic biology for global challenges.
  • EIF’s investment catalyzes additional funding to reach €1 billion goal.
  • Aligns with European Tech Champions Initiative (ETCI) to support high-potential startups.
  • Supports startups in Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, and other EU states.
  • Aims to enhance Europe’s strategic autonomy and competitiveness.
  • CEO Javier Santiso aims to tackle climate change with disruptive technology.

Main AI News:

The European Investment Fund (EIF) has injected €350 million into Kembara Fund I FCR, a venture capital fund aimed at deeptech and climate initiatives. Managed by Alma Mundi Ventures SGEIC, Kembara Fund I FCR targets a total of €1 billion, focusing on nurturing technology startups across Europe. This investment underscores Europe’s capacity for innovation, leveraging advanced technologies like AI, quantum computing, and synthetic biology to address pressing global challenges such as climate change.

Kembara Fund I FCR will primarily support growth-stage technology firms, particularly in Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, and other EU nations. The EIF’s pivotal role as the primary investor will catalyze additional funding to achieve the fund’s ambitious €1 billion goal. This initiative aligns with the European Tech Champions Initiative (ETCI), which aims to bolster Europe’s technological landscape by fostering high-potential startups and driving digital transformation.

Marjut Falkstedt, CEO of the EIF, emphasized ETCI’s role in securing substantial financing for European scale-ups, thereby enhancing Europe’s strategic autonomy and global competitiveness. The partnership with Kembara highlights a commitment to advancing intellectual property-driven startups at the forefront of scientific and engineering innovation, encompassing AI, future computing, robotics, space tech, advanced materials, and sustainable energy systems.

Javier Santiso, CEO of Mundi Ventures and co-founder of Kembara, expressed enthusiasm about the fund’s mission to empower deeptech entrepreneurs tackling critical global issues, particularly climate change. This collaboration underscores a shared vision to accelerate impactful technological advancements within Europe, paving the way for sustainable growth and innovation leadership on a global scale.


This substantial investment by the European Investment Fund into Kembara’s deeptech and climate fund underscores a strategic push to bolster Europe’s technological prowess and leadership in addressing global challenges. By fostering growth in AI, quantum computing, and other advanced technologies, the initiative not only supports innovative startups but also strengthens Europe’s position in the global market for cutting-edge technology solutions.