Former Humane executives launch Infactory, an AI-driven fact-checking startup

  • Former Humane executives, Brooke Hartley Moy and Ken Kocienda, leave to found Infactory, focusing on AI-driven fact-checking.
  • Infactory aims to enhance data accuracy using AI without generating content, targeting enterprise clients initially.
  • The startup emphasizes transparency and reliability by sourcing information from trusted databases, not generative AI.
  • Pre-seed funding secured; future plans include pursuing seed funding to scale operations.
  • Founders deny their departure from Humane was solely due to its post-launch challenges.

Main AI News:

Former executives of Humane have departed to establish their own venture, marking a significant move within the AI sector. Brooke Hartley Moy, formerly Strategic Partnerships Lead, and Ken Kocienda, previously Head of Product Engineering, have launched Infactory, a pioneering AI-driven fact-checking search engine. The initiative, reminiscent of their previous roles at Apple and Humane, reflects a strategic pivot towards addressing critical information accuracy challenges.

Infactory distinguishes itself by leveraging AI capabilities judiciously, focusing on enhancing user interactions with a natural language interface powered by large language models (LLMs). Unlike conventional search engines, Infactory prioritizes direct, verifiable information sourced from trusted databases, ensuring transparency and reliability in data retrieval. This approach is tailored for enterprise clients such as newsrooms and research facilities, aiming to streamline data-intensive tasks without delving into subjective content areas.

Ahead of its anticipated launch, Infactory has secured pre-seed funding, underscoring investor confidence in its innovative approach. While specifics on funding and investors remain undisclosed, the founders emphasize a strategic focus on seed funding in the coming months to propel their vision forward.

Reflecting on their departure from Humane amidst its post-launch challenges, the founders highlight their commitment to advancing technological innovation independently. Hartley Moy and Kocienda affirm that Infactory’s inception stems from a broader mission to redefine data accuracy standards and empower decision-making through reliable information access.

Infactory is poised to debut its transformative AI platform in the market within the upcoming months, signaling a new chapter in factual data accessibility and utilization.


Infactory’s emergence signifies a strategic shift towards reliable, verifiable information retrieval in the AI sector. By prioritizing direct data sources and avoiding AI-generated content, Infactory aims to address critical gaps in factual accuracy for enterprise applications. This move underscores a growing demand for trustworthy AI solutions tailored to enhance data-driven decision-making across industries.