Forum Systems and NASCO Forge Strategic AI Alliance for Healthcare Payers


  • Forum Systems and NASCO have announced a strategic partnership in the healthcare payer technology sector.
  • The partnership leverages NASCO’s 40 years of experience in the healthcare payer industry.
  • It combines this expertise with Forum’s cutting-edge solutions to enhance payer operations.
  • Key focus areas of the partnership include security, contract management, and benefits management.
  • Three AI-powered modules—QS SecureGPT, QS ContractsGPT, and QS BenefitsGPT—address these challenges.
  • QS SecureGPT ensures data privacy and security for large language model (LLM) applications.
  • QS ContractsGPT facilitates contract analysis through natural language processing (NLP).
  • QS BenefitsGPT standardizes benefits data, enabling easy information extraction.
  • Gartner research underscores the importance of GenAI in augmenting human expertise.
  • The partnership aims to unlock healthcare data, pioneer innovative products, and improve efficiency.
  • Commercial availability of QS SecureGPT and QS ContractsGPT, with QS BenefitsGPT in development.
  • The partnership signifies a strategic move toward responsible AI utilization in healthcare.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking development for the healthcare payer industry, Forum Systems, Inc. and NASCO have officially announced a strategic partnership, cementing their longstanding collaboration. This collaboration marries NASCO’s extensive 40-year experience in healthcare payer technology with Forum’s cutting-edge solutions, aimed at optimizing payer operations.

John Ladaga, President and CEO of NASCO, expressed their unique perspective, stating, “Our decades-long service to some of the largest health insurers in the nation has granted us an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare payers. Recognizing the significance of partnerships, our strategic alliance with Forum Systems combines our payer-centric expertise with a trailblazing technology company deeply entrenched in years of work with health insurers. Together, we are poised to offer innovative solutions that empower payers to excel in an ever-evolving healthcare market.

This pioneering partnership’s initial focus will be on addressing three pivotal pain points for payers: security, contract management, and benefits management. The introduction of three modules – QuantumSim™ (QS) SecureGPT, QS ContractsGPT, and QS BenefitsGPT – marks the advent of AI-powered, payer-specific products poised to usher in the next generation of payer technology.

QS SecureGPT, a foundational component of generative AI (GenAI), provides robust protection for large language model (LLM) applications. Through obfuscation, guardrails, and observability, it empowers enterprises to leverage LLMs without concerns about data privacy or reputation.

QS ContractsGPT, armed with a powerful natural language processing (NLP) engine, enables the ingestion and analysis of contracts. It facilitates rapid document discovery, summarization, and information extraction, simplifying interactions with crucial documents that are often challenging to manage. Moreover, it facilitates seamless communication between business, legal, and procurement teams with their documents through public and private LLM integration.

QS BenefitsGPT streamlines benefit data using knowledge graphs, enabling quick extraction of pertinent information for product analysts, customer service agents, members, and other stakeholders. Integration with powerful public and private LLMs creates a unified natural language interface for swift deployment and interface training.

Recent research by Gartner®, authored by Connie Salgy, titled “Quick Answer: How Can U.S. Payers Use GenAI to Advance Product Profitability?” emphasizes the role of GenAI in augmenting human expertise for more efficient product and benefit plan execution. QS BenefitsGPT embodies this concept by expediting product creation while maintaining human involvement.

NASCO and Forum Systems are committed to harnessing AI’s potential responsibly and value-driven. Their collaborative efforts aim to unlock healthcare data, pioneer innovative products, engage members and providers, and foster a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.

Mamoon Yunus, President and CEO of Forum Systems, highlighted their journey, stating, “When we observed payers quickly disengaging from public LLMs, we recognized the immense productivity gains at stake. However, formidable challenges loomed large. Our initial focus was on fortifying our gateway to meet healthcare’s stringent privacy, security, and ethical requirements. To be truly useful, LLMs must deliver accurate results, and we have uniquely addressed the hallucination problem, providing significant value to our customers.”

Currently, QS SecureGPT and QS ContractsGPT are commercially available, while QS BenefitsGPT is in the advanced stages of development with early-adopter health insurers. These AI-backed offerings are poised to tackle some of the healthcare payer industry’s most pressing challenges. The Forum Systems and NASCO partnership is dedicated to further exploring how GenAI and related technologies can continue to enhance efficiencies and deliver value to payers.


The strategic partnership between Forum Systems and NASCO signifies a significant leap in healthcare payer technology. By addressing critical pain points and offering AI-powered solutions, this collaboration is poised to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation in the healthcare payer market. It underscores the growing importance of responsible AI utilization in the industry, positioning both companies as leaders in this transformative journey.