Foxconn Exceeds Expectations with Strong Q2 Revenue Driven by AI Server Demand

  • Foxconn, world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, reported better-than-expected Q2 revenue.
  • Strong demand for AI servers, used in applications like Nvidia’s, contributed to revenue growth.
  • Q3 expected to show continued revenue increase year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter.
  • Revenue reached T$1.55 trillion for Q2, up 19.1% from last year, exceeding analyst estimates.
  • Cloud and networking products segment saw significant growth due to AI server demand.
  • Consumer electronics revenue, including smartphones, remained flat year-on-year.
  • Foxconn’s stock rose 105% this year, outperforming the broader Taiwan market.

Main AI News:

Taiwan’s Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer and primary assembler of Apple’s iPhones, reported robust quarterly revenue figures that surpassed market expectations. Bolstered by heightened demand for AI servers, the company forecasts sustained growth into the current quarter.

Traditionally, the third quarter marks a pivotal period for Taiwanese tech giants, as they ramp up production to meet the year-end holiday demand for smartphones, tablets, and other electronics, particularly from major clients like Apple in Western markets.

Foxconn attributes its strong performance to the escalating demand for servers used in artificial intelligence applications, with key customers including leading AI firm Nvidia. The company anticipates significant revenue growth both year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter in the upcoming third quarter, signaling a promising outlook.

As we enter the peak season of the second half of the year, we expect our operations to gather momentum,” Foxconn stated optimistically in a recent press release.

While specific numerical forecasts were not disclosed, Foxconn reported a notable year-on-year revenue increase of 19.1% to T$1.55 trillion for the second quarter, surpassing the T$1.51 trillion SmartEstimate from LSEG, which weighs forecasts from consistently accurate analysts more heavily. This achievement marks a record high for the same period.

Furthermore, the company noted substantial growth in its cloud and networking products segment during the second quarter, attributing the surge to robust demand for AI servers. Conversely, revenue from smart consumer electronics, including smartphones, remained steady year-on-year without further elaboration.

Foxconn’s stock performance has been exceptional, rising by 105% year-to-date, significantly outpacing the broader Taiwan market’s 31% increase. Despite the positive financial results, the company’s shares closed flat on Friday, mirroring the overall market sentiment ahead of the revenue announcement.


Foxconn’s impressive Q2 performance, fueled by robust AI server demand, underscores its resilience and strategic positioning in the global electronics market. The company’s ability to exceed revenue expectations amidst a challenging economic landscape highlights its leadership in meeting technological demands, particularly in AI-driven infrastructure. This performance bodes well for Foxconn’s continued growth and market influence, reaffirming its role as a key player in the evolving tech ecosystem.


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