Geekster launches a comprehensive 360-degree program in Data Science and Machine Learning


  • Geekster launches a comprehensive 360-degree program in Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • The program offers over 25 real-world projects, 500+ live learning hours, and personal mentorship with industry experts.
  • Geekster aims to help learners capitalize on the booming market and accelerate their careers.
  • The program focuses on delivering tangible outcomes and preparing students for successful placements.
  • Geekster boasts impressive placement figures, with average packages ranging from Rs 8.2 LPA to the highest-grossed package worth Rs 33 LPA.
  • Prominent companies like Paypal, Shiprocket, Genpact, and Amazon regularly participate in Geekster’s job drive.

Main AI News:

Geekster, a leading online learning and upskilling platform, has recently introduced a comprehensive 360-degree program in Data Science and Machine Learning. With a keen focus on empowering aspiring Data Science professionals, Geekster aims to capitalize on the 150% surge in the market, offering a transformative learning experience to accelerate careers in today’s data-driven corporate landscape. In an official statement, Geekster asserts that its program stands out due to its meticulous design and industry relevance.

The Data Science and machine learning program provided by Geekster is meticulously curated to offer participants a holistic learning experience. Students can expect to engage with over 25 real-world projects, benefiting from more than 500 live learning hours with seasoned industry experts. Moreover, the program also offers personalized mentorship, ensuring learners receive guidance tailored to their individual needs and goals.

Our decision to expand our portfolio into this emerging field was driven by our desire to equip learners with the tools to seize lucrative opportunities. Data Science has pervaded virtually every domain, and it is our mission to empower individuals to excel in this rapidly evolving landscape,” explains Sahil Miglanii, co-founder of Geekster. Building on the success of their full stack development course, Geekster’s pedagogic approach remains steadfast in delivering tangible outcomes for learners. Their team of expert mentors is dedicated to nurturing individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing them with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the industry. Through meticulous preparation, Geekster ensures students are well-prepared for successful job placements.

Geekster takes pride in its track record of offering outstanding placement opportunities. In the realm of full stack development, the program has consistently yielded exceptional results. Graduates have secured impressive average packages ranging from Rs 8.2 LPA, with the highest recorded package reaching a remarkable Rs 33 LPA. Esteemed companies such as Paypal, Shiprocket, Genpact, Skillgigs, Rakuten, Airtel, and Amazon, among others, actively participate in Geekster’s job drive, underscoring the program’s industry recognition and relevance.


Geekster’s launch of the Data Science and Machine Learning program signifies a significant development in the market. With the program’s comprehensive curriculum, industry-aligned projects, and expert mentorship, learners have the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s data-driven corporate world. The program’s success in securing impressive placements and attracting renowned companies further solidifies its reputation as a leading provider of data-focused education. This initiative not only meets the growing demand for skilled professionals but also propels the market forward by fostering innovation and driving the adoption of data science in various domains.