Pioneering AI for Infrastructure Security: IXDen Selected for Google’s AI Startup Program and Awarded Grant

  • IXDen, a leader in cybersecurity and operational prediction, chosen for Google’s AI Fund and Startup Program.
  • Recognized for unique AI platform protecting critical infrastructures like water, energy, and smart buildings.
  • Platform detects threats across sensors, PLCs, and RTUs, ensuring operational continuity and cost efficiency.
  • Solution deployed widely, monitoring millions of sensors and detecting anomalies in real-time.
  • Google highlights IXDen’s role in enhancing global infrastructure security through AI innovation.

Main AI News:

IXDen, a global leader in cybersecurity and operational failure prediction, has achieved a significant milestone by being selected for Google’s prestigious AI Fund and accepted into Google for Startups’ exclusive AI program. This recognition highlights IXDen’s innovative AI solutions tailored for safeguarding critical infrastructures worldwide.

Google’s AI Fund, renowned for identifying and supporting top-tier companies in the AI space, has acknowledged IXDen’s pioneering approach. The program aims to foster growth and innovation among promising AI startups, providing substantial backing to accelerate their development.

IXDen stands out for its advanced AI platform designed to protect vital infrastructures such as water, energy, and smart buildings from cyber threats and operational disruptions. By securing IoT devices and equipment, IXDen ensures comprehensive threat detection and anomaly identification—from sensors and devices to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and remote terminal systems (RTUs).

We are thrilled to announce our acceptance into Google for Startups’ AI program,” said Zion Harel, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of IXDen. “This grant will be a significant catalyst for us, enabling us to advance our ambitious goals in the global markets and strengthen our position as leaders in AI-powered critical infrastructure security.”

IXDen’s solution is already deployed extensively across leading national infrastructure companies, managing thousands of operational sites and analyzing millions of sensors. The platform provides real-time insights into potential threats and system anomalies, enhancing operational continuity and reducing total cost of ownership.

Google praised IXDen’s contribution to enhancing global infrastructure security, noting, “IXDen’s remarkable journey showcases the vibrancy of Israel’s high-tech sector. Leveraging the transformative power of AI, IXDen is paving the way for a more secure future for critical infrastructure globally.

The company’s technology integrates advanced machine learning algorithms, unique mathematical models, and sophisticated data analysis to detect deviations in sensor data and preemptively address security risks. Built on patented technologies in the US and Europe, IXDen’s approach underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence in cybersecurity.

This well-deserved recognition from Google is a significant milestone for IXDen,” remarked Dr. Leonid Cooperman, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of IXDen. “Selected among outstanding candidates, IXDen gains access to a wealth of Google resources and expertise. Google’s mentorship program will be invaluable in guiding our business development, strategy, and marketing efforts, propelling our growth trajectory and expanding our technological footprint.

IXDen continues to innovate and refine its AI-driven solutions, aiming to set new benchmarks in critical infrastructure security on a global scale. With Google’s support, IXDen is poised to further advance its technology and make substantial strides in securing the digital foundation of essential services worldwide.


IXDen’s selection for Google’s AI Fund and Startup Program underscores its leadership in applying AI to critical infrastructure security. This recognition not only validates IXDen’s technological prowess but also positions the company to expand its market presence significantly. By leveraging Google’s resources and mentorship, IXDen is poised to drive further innovation in cybersecurity for essential services worldwide.