ServiceNow Elevates Its GenAI Portfolio with Cutting-Edge Enhancements


  • ServiceNow enhances its Now Assist GenAI portfolio with new capabilities.
  • The latest additions include Now Assist in Virtual Agent, Flow Generation, and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM).
  • These solutions streamline tasks, promote self-service, and enable workflow automation.
  • ServiceNow offers both general-purpose LLMs and domain-specific Now LLM for secure AI support.
  • Early adopters like CBRE, Deloitte, Teleperformance, a U.S. government agency, and NVIDIA are already benefiting from GenAI.

Main AI News:

ServiceNow, a prominent player in the world of enterprise technology solutions, has recently unveiled a significant expansion to its Now Assist GenAI portfolio. These latest enhancements are poised to revolutionize user experiences and elevate productivity levels.

Available to customers as of now, the Now Assist in Virtual Agent, Flow Generation, and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM) represent the latest additions to ServiceNow’s robust GenAI offerings. These innovative solutions are geared towards enhancing the way businesses operate, aligning with ServiceNow’s mission to empower its clients with transformative capabilities.

The Now Assist in Virtual Agent, Flow Generation, and Now Assist for FSM are designed to act as immediate productivity catalysts for customers. They achieve this by streamlining tasks such as information retrieval, summarization, and basic content creation. Furthermore, these solutions facilitate conversational self-service, incident deflection, and workflow automation, allowing organizations to work smarter and more efficiently.

ServiceNow’s GenAI strategy encompasses a commitment to providing customers with comprehensive and secure Large Language Model (LLM) support. This support can be leveraged through general-purpose LLMs or custom ServiceNow-developed models. The general-purpose LLMs offer flexibility and currently feature access to the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM and OpenAI API. On the other hand, ServiceNow’s domain-specific Now LLM is tailor-made for ServiceNow workflows, use cases, and processes. This specialized LLM ensures secure support, ultimately enhancing the end-user experience.

CJ Desai, the President and Chief Operating Officer at ServiceNow, emphasized the significance of these advancements, stating, “Our customers are facing increasingly complex and competitive dynamics across industries, and AI holds the key to enabling faster execution, smart decision-making, and greater business agility. ServiceNow is leading the charge by intelligently integrating GenAI into the core of the Now Platform and enabling organizations to harness AI securely and confidently to drive unprecedented speed to value for their business.

ServiceNow’s forward-thinking approach has already gained traction among early adopters, including notable organizations like CBRE, Deloitte, Teleperformance, a U.S. government agency, and NVIDIA, which serves both as a customer and a ServiceNow technology partner. Sonu Nayyar, Chief Information Officer at NVIDIA, expressed enthusiasm for the transformative potential of GenAI, stating, “Leading companies around the world are using GenAI to transform productivity. Our team will be using NVIDIA-powered ServiceNow Now Assist features like case summarizations and question-answering to bring efficiencies to our operations with GenAI.


ServiceNow’s expanded GenAI portfolio reinforces its position as a leader in enterprise technology solutions. These enhancements signify a significant step towards boosting productivity and efficiency in the business world. By integrating AI capabilities into its platform, ServiceNow is empowering organizations to make smarter decisions, execute tasks faster, and stay competitive in increasingly complex markets.