Silicon Valley’s ‘Section School’ Launches AI Academy in Australia with BSI Digital Learning

  • Silicon Valley’s ‘Section School’ collaborates with BSI Digital Learning to establish an AI Academy in Australia.
  • The academy offers AI Crash Course and other upskilling programs led by Silicon Valley experts.
  • Emphasis on practical, blended, and digital learning methods tailored for busy professionals.
  • Courses facilitated by industry leaders from Google, Meta, Apple, and Amazon.
  • Special launch offers available for early participants.

Main AI News:

Silicon Valley’s ‘Section School’ and BSI Digital Learning have joined forces to inaugurate an AI Academy in Australia. This initiative aims to address the burgeoning demand for AI skills among Australian businesses. Led by experts from Silicon Valley, including industry leaders from Google, Meta, Apple, and Amazon, the academy offers a range of courses such as the AI Crash Course. These programs emphasize practical, blended, and digital learning methods, accommodating the schedules of busy professionals with flexible, virtual delivery options.

BSI Digital Learning’s CEO, Simon Dewar, highlighted the academy’s innovative approach, stating, “Unlike traditional academic courses, Section School focuses on practical, blended, and digital approaches, enabling professionals to access both live and on-demand learning.” The academy launched with special promotional offers available for the next 30 days, underscoring its commitment to enhancing AI literacy across Australia.

Industry experts underscored the significance of upskilling in AI, drawing parallels to past technological revolutions. Tony Surtees, a Silicon Valley veteran, likened the current AI boom to the advent of computers in the 80s and 90s, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead in technological literacy. Damian Kassabgi echoed the sentiment, stressing the necessity of continuous re-skilling to adapt to evolving job landscapes shaped by AI advancements.

Greg Shove, a prominent voice in the AI industry, warned, “AI will not take your job – but someone who understands how to leverage AI effectively might take yours.” These insights highlight the critical need for individuals and businesses alike to invest in AI education to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy.

The AI Academy’s curriculum includes a diverse array of AI-based courses accessible through live or on-demand formats, catering to professionals seeking to enhance their skills and stay abreast of AI innovations. Dewar affirmed, “The academy equips participants with the latest in AI thinking, training, and support tools, empowering them to develop targeted skills for specialized roles and functions.”


The launch of Silicon Valley’s ‘Section School’ AI Academy in partnership with BSI Digital Learning signifies a strategic move to meet the growing demand for AI skills in Australia. By leveraging expertise from leading tech companies and offering flexible learning options, the academy aims to equip professionals with essential AI capabilities, positioning them to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven business environment. This initiative not only addresses immediate skills gaps but also underscores the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to technological advancements in the global market.