Skild AI Secures $300M Series A Funding Round to Propel Scalable AI Foundation Model for Robotics

  • Skild AI raises $300 million in Series A funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Coatue, SoftBank Group, and Jeff Bezos (via Bezos Expeditions).
  • Funding round values Skild AI at $1.5 billion.
  • Company focuses on developing a scalable AI foundation model for robotics.
  • Model trains on significantly larger datasets compared to competitors, enabling versatile robotic applications.
  • Aim is to democratize access to cost-effective, general-purpose robots across various industries.
  • Founders Deepak Pathak and Abhinav Gupta bring extensive experience from Carnegie Mellon University, recognized for breakthroughs in robotics and AI.
  • Funding intended to scale technology and expand commercial deployment efforts across sectors.

Main AI News:

Skild AI, a pioneering AI robotics firm dedicated to constructing a scalable foundation model for robotics, announced today the successful closure of a $300 million Series A funding round. Leading the investment are Lightspeed Venture Partners, Coatue, SoftBank Group, and Jeff Bezos (via Bezos Expeditions), alongside notable contributions from Felicis Ventures, Sequoia, Menlo Ventures, General Catalyst, CRV, Amazon, SV Angel, and Carnegie Mellon University. This funding round propels Skild AI to a valuation of $1.5 billion.

Building upon a robust foundation rooted in the physical realm, Skild AI is transcending current robotics paradigms by shattering data barriers, training its model on a vast dataset surpassing competitors by at least 1,000 times. Unlike vertically designed robots tailored for specific applications, Skild AI’s model serves as a versatile, shared brain capable of powering diverse robots across a spectrum of tasks—from resilient quadrupeds mastering adverse conditions to humanoid robots executing intricate manipulation tasks in both household and industrial settings. This approach promises to democratize access to cost-effective robotics solutions across various industries and applications.

Our large-scale model demonstrates unparalleled generalization and emergent capabilities across diverse robotic applications, promising significant automation potential in real-world environments,” remarked Deepak Pathak, CEO and Co-Founder of Skild AI. “Skild AI represents a pivotal advancement in scaling robotics, poised to transform the physical economy as we know it.”

Contrary to existing robotic deployments confined to isolated environments, Skild AI’s general-purpose AI model equips robots with agility, dexterity, and safety, enabling seamless human interaction. With a staggering 1.7 million more job openings than unemployed workers in America today (Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce), industries such as healthcare, construction, warehousing, and manufacturing face acute labor shortages, projected to exacerbate to 2.1 million unfulfilled manufacturing jobs by 2030 (Source: National Association of Manufacturers). Skild AI’s technology empowers robots to undertake novel tasks alongside humans in hazardous environments like oil rigs and machine rooms, enhancing workplace safety and efficiency.

With our general-purpose robotics capable of safely automating any task in any environment, we aim to expand robotic capabilities, democratize access, and support the underserved labor market,” added Abhinav Gupta, President and Co-Founder of Skild AI.

Skild AI’s rapid progress has garnered acclaim for redefining the potential of robotics. “Skild AI has achieved remarkable breakthroughs in a short span, poised to redefine the capabilities of machines,” noted Raviraj Jain, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. “Deepak and Abhinav are driving pivotal advancements in robotics, integrating foundational models into real-world applications.”

Stephanie Zhan, Partner at Sequoia Capital, compared Skild AI’s impact to a transformative moment akin to GPT-3 in digital intelligence, forecasting a paradigm shift in physical-world applications. “Since our partnership with Skild AI at the seed stage, I’ve been convinced of their potential to pursue one of the most ambitious visions of our time,” Zhan added.

With a combined 25 years of experience in robotics and AI as former Carnegie Mellon University professors, Gupta and Pathak boast a stellar track record of industry breakthroughs. Their contributions, including advancements in self-supervised robotics and adaptive learning agents, underscore their leadership in the field.

Skild AI’s team comprises top talent from Meta, Tesla, Nvidia, Amazon, Google, and leading academic institutions, reinforcing its position as an industry leader in robotics and AI innovation.

Skild AI’s approach to scalable foundational models for robot manipulation and locomotion is truly groundbreaking,” commented Sri Viswanath, General Partner at Coatue and former CTO of Atlassian. “Coatue is excited to support their efforts to revolutionize robotics, empowering dynamic, adaptable robots across sectors from hazardous environments to labor-strapped industries such as security and healthcare.”

The capital infusion will accelerate Skild AI’s model scaling efforts, expand training datasets, and drive commercial deployment of its technology. The company plans to ramp up hiring across AI, robotics, engineering, operations, and security.

Skild AI’s overarching mission is to pioneer artificial general intelligence (AGI) rooted in the physical world, challenging conventional wisdom that AGI can only emerge from digital domains.


The $300 million Series A funding round secured by Skild AI underscores its pivotal role in advancing general-purpose robotics. By focusing on a scalable AI foundation model, Skild AI aims to disrupt traditional robotics with a versatile approach that promises broader industry adoption. This substantial investment not only validates the company’s technological prowess but also signals a significant step towards democratizing access to advanced robotics solutions. As industries face mounting challenges in labor shortages and automation demands, Skild AI’s innovations position it favorably to lead in reshaping the future of robotics applications across diverse sectors.