Slator Report Highlights Language AI Trends Driving Business Transformation

  • Slator’s 2024 report highlights rising demand for multilingual AI text generation and video dubbing among enterprises.
  • Enterprises utilize AI for enhanced customer engagement, internal communications, and global market penetration.
  • AI video dubbing emerges as a key tool for training global workforces and meeting accessibility standards.
  • Major media platforms adopt AI dubbing for news and sports content to engage diverse audiences worldwide.
  • The report identifies AI integration as a C-level priority, shaping strategic discussions in corporate settings.
  • It underscores the competitive edge of emerging AI startups and tech giants leveraging language AI solutions.

Main AI News:

Slator, a leading authority in language industry research, has unveiled its highly anticipated Language Industry Market Report for 2024. The report underscores a significant shift as nearly half of enterprises now prioritize “multilingual AI text generation” as a critical need for the year ahead.

Multilingual AI content generation proves instrumental in enhancing customer engagement, expanding user reach, and penetrating global markets. Beyond external impact, enterprises leverage AI for internal communications, streamlining processes such as emails, SOPs, and comprehensive reports.

According to the survey findings, 25% of enterprises identify AI video dubbing as a primary focus area. Advancements in voice AI and speech-to-text technologies facilitate efficient dubbing of video content into multiple languages, a feat previously daunting and time-consuming.

Organizations embrace AI dubbing to train and engage diverse global workforces, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards. Media giants, including streaming platforms and TV broadcasters, deploy AI to dub news and sports interviews, enhancing viewer engagement across international audiences.

Slator’s comprehensive analysis places Language AI at the forefront of corporate strategy discussions. The report delves into the increasing adoption of AI-driven solutions such as dubbing, translation, text generation, and speech translation, now elevated to C-level priorities within enterprises.

The report not only provides critical insights into current adoption rates and demand for language AI services but also highlights the strategic opportunities for industry players in 2024. It explores avenues for enhancing visibility and expanding operational roles to integrate AI capabilities enterprise-wide.

Furthermore, the report evaluates the competitive landscape, spotlighting emerging language AI startups and the integration strategies pursued by tech giants like Meta, Google, Apple, and Adobe. These developments underscore the transformative potential of AI in reshaping the language services sector.

Anna Wyndham, Head of Research at Slator, emphasizes the report’s role in fostering dialogue around transformative opportunities presented by Language AI. Beyond insights, the report includes a detailed analysis of market size and growth projections by region, language services provider segment, and buyer intent.

Closing with a forward-looking perspective, the report outlines market projections through 2028, identifying sectors poised for substantial growth amid ongoing AI-driven disruptions in the language industry landscape.


Slator’s 2024 Language AI Report underscores a transformative shift in the language industry, where AI-driven solutions for text generation and video dubbing are becoming integral to corporate strategies. This trend not only enhances operational efficiency and customer engagement but also opens new avenues for growth and competitive differentiation among language service providers and tech innovators alike.