Sparrow BioAcoustics, Innovator Behind the Revolutionary Stethophone, Introduces the First Consumer-Focused AI for Cardiac Conditions

  • Sparrow BioAcoustics introduces the first consumer-focused Cardiac AI, now approved in Ukraine.
  • Stethophone V3 transforms smartphones into medical-grade stethoscopes for consumers and professionals.
  • Utilizes smartphone microphones to capture heart sounds, filtered for clear diagnostic signals.
  • AI interprets heart rhythms and structural abnormalities.
  • Provides faster, more accessible cardiac condition detection through an app.
  • Especially beneficial for Ukrainians with limited access to primary care.
  • First to redefine capturing and visualizing chest sounds, FDA cleared for smartphone stethoscope.
  • Live demos at Collision Conference in Toronto from June 17 to June 20.
  • Currently available in Ukraine via the Apple AppStore, not approved in the USA or Canada.

Main AI News:

Sparrow BioAcoustics, a leader in bioacoustic AI technology and the developer of Stethophone, proudly announces the release of the world’s premier Cardiac AI for consumer use, now authorized for deployment in Ukraine.

Stethophone V3 is the world’s first AI-enhanced medical stethoscope operable via smartphone, tailored for both consumers and healthcare professionals. This cutting-edge tool in personalized heart care transforms smartphones into medical-grade stethoscopes, enabling users to record, analyze, and share vital heart health data with medical professionals from anywhere.

Stethophone operates by utilizing a smartphone’s built-in microphone to capture intricate heart sounds. With advanced bioacoustic engineering, these sounds are filtered to produce clear, medical-grade diagnostic signals. The newly sanctioned version in Ukraine leverages Sparrow’s proprietary AI to interpret these sounds and detect common heart rhythm and structural abnormalities.

This landmark innovation allows for the faster and more accessible detection of numerous conditions for millions of individuals, simply through an app download. Ukrainians, who may lack consistent access to primary care physicians or cardiologists, can now collect real cardiac health data at home. With AI support, medical practitioners can swiftly identify symptoms and recommend specialized care or further diagnostics.

Sparrow pioneered the redefinition of capturing, enhancing, and visualizing diagnostically significant chest sounds and was the first to secure FDA clearance for a smartphone-based stethoscope for consumer use. Sparrow will showcase the newly approved cardiac AI for Ukraine at the Collision Conference in Toronto, Canada, from June 17 to June 20, offering live, hands-on demonstrations for thousands of attendees.

We are at the vanguard of a personalized heart health revolution,” stated Mark Attila Opauzsky, CEO of Sparrow BioAcoustics. “Stethophone epitomizes our commitment to empower individuals globally with the tools to combat heart disease directly. We are honored to extend our efforts to support millions displaced by the war in Ukraine who are experiencing or concerned about heart issues.”

Currently, the Stethophone cardiac AI is available exclusively in Ukraine through the Apple AppStore and is not approved for use in the USA or Canada.


Sparrow BioAcoustics’ introduction of a consumer-focused AI for cardiac health in Ukraine signals a significant shift in the medical technology market. This development not only democratizes access to advanced diagnostic tools but also highlights the growing trend towards personalized healthcare solutions. The ability for consumers to conduct sophisticated health assessments at home will likely spur further innovation and competition within the bioacoustic and medical AI industries, driving down costs and expanding market accessibility. This advancement is poised to enhance healthcare delivery, particularly in regions with limited access to traditional medical facilities, positioning Sparrow as a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of digital health technologies.