Spiritt Secures $13.5 Million Seed Funding to Propel its AI Application Development Platform


  • Spiritt secures an impressive $13.5 million in its Seed funding round, extending its initial $5.5 million announcement.
  • The company’s AI platform enables users to build complex applications by verbally describing their concepts, without coding knowledge.
  • Spiritt empowers individuals without programming experience to independently create end-to-end applications.
  • The application creation process involves chat conversations with AI, where users discuss their ideas and design preferences.
  • Users can continuously edit and modify applications within the same chat interface.
  • Spiritt’s founders, Tamir Magen and Or Kliger, along with VP of Research Lidor Cohen, are driving the democratization of entrepreneurship.
  • The funds will be used to expand the team, recruit marketing and performance personnel, designers, engineers, and customer managers to support U.S. market expansion and business growth.

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In a remarkable turn of events, Spiritt, the pioneering company behind an ingenious AI platform that allows users to create complex applications by simply describing their concepts to a computer without the need for coding, has significantly bolstered its Seed funding round, raising a staggering $13.5 million. Among the investors joining the round are heavyweights such as Square Peg and Disruptive AI, with SVB also contributing to the funding. This additional financial backing comes after Spiritt’s initial announcement of a $5.5 million Seed round in July 2022, indicating the immense interest and confidence from investors in the company’s groundbreaking technology.

Spiritt’s groundbreaking platform stands to revolutionize the landscape of application development, enabling individuals with no prior programming knowledge or access to programmers to independently craft end-to-end, sophisticated applications. The key to its innovation lies in its natural language interface, allowing users to verbally articulate their ideas to the computer in their own words, without the necessity of possessing any background in designing or building applications.

The process commences with a seamless chat conversation with the AI, where users discuss their business ideas and design preferences. The AI adeptly assimilates all pertinent information and proceeds to generate a comprehensive application that can be used across mobile and desktop platforms. Notably, users retain the flexibility to continuously edit and modify the application within the same chat interface, ensuring a user-friendly and dynamic experience. Spiritt proudly reports that numerous customers have already achieved success by securing capital through the applications they developed using this groundbreaking platform.

Founded in June 2020 by two visionary entrepreneurs, Tamir Magen, the CEO, and Or Kliger, the President and Chief Technology Officer, along with Lidor Cohen, a former Google software architect serving as the VP of Research, Spiritt has shown unwavering commitment to driving the democratization of entrepreneurship. This commitment aligns perfectly with their aspiration to make the world of entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, transcending the barriers that once prevented many from pursuing their dreams due to technological complexities. After all, astonishingly, approximately 99.7% of the global population lacks programming knowledge—an untapped wellspring of creativity that Spiritt seeks to unleash.

With the latest injection of capital, Spiritt aims to scale its operations and expand its talented team. The focus lies on recruiting top-notch marketing and performance personnel to penetrate and flourish in the burgeoning U.S. market. Additionally, Spiritt plans to bring onboard designers, engineers, and customer managers who will support and empower clients in their pursuit of business growth, thereby fortifying Spiritt’s position as a vanguard in the realm of AI-driven application development.

Tamir Magen, the CEO, expressed the significance of their platform in the grander scheme of things, asserting, “The platform is part of our big vision, to make the world of entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. There is a huge audience that until today has never dreamed of entrepreneurship due to the technological barrier. In fact, about 99.7% of the global population does not know how to program. Just imagine how many good ideas we are missing out on.” Magen’s passion and conviction underline the immense potential Spiritt holds in unlocking an ocean of untapped creativity and transforming it into real-world innovation.


Spiritt’s successful funding round and innovative AI platform signal a major breakthrough in the application development market. By enabling individuals without programming knowledge to create sophisticated applications, Spiritt has tapped into a massive audience of potential entrepreneurs previously hindered by technological barriers. The platform’s ability to democratize entrepreneurship and unleash untapped creativity has immense implications for the market, promising to reshape the application development landscape and drive inclusive business growth. Investors’ overwhelming support underscores the strong potential and significance of Spiritt’s vision for a more accessible and prosperous entrepreneurial world.