Sustain360 launches AI-driven sustainability platform to accelerate net-zero decarbonization


  • Sustain360™ introduces an AI-driven sustainability platform for net-zero decarbonization.
  • Only 7% of global companies are on track to meet net-zero targets by 2050, highlighting the need for innovative solutions.
  • The Sustain360™ platform combines ESG reporting, lifecycle management, and climate risk modeling.
  • It reduces carbon emissions by 38% during product design, cuts implementation time by 50%, and lowers ownership costs by 3x.
  • Embedded AI recommends eco-friendly materials and identifies harmful chemicals.
  • CEO Baz Khuti emphasizes the potential for reducing carbon emissions in the construction and manufacturing sectors.
  • Sustain360™ uses AI to optimize design, energy, and material choices for eco-conscious efficiency.

Main AI News:

In a bold stride toward catalyzing net-zero decarbonization, Sustain360™, a prominent player in the sustainability solutions arena, is proud to introduce its pioneering AI-powered platform. Mark your calendars for the grand unveiling on Monday, September 18, 2023.

A recent study has illuminated a stark reality—merely 7% of global corporations are on the right trajectory to meet their net-zero commitments by 2050. In this era of pressing environmental concerns, the call for innovative and efficacious solutions reverberates louder than ever. Enter the Sustain360™ platform, meticulously crafted to equip enterprises with the tools and strategies needed to embark on a transformative journey towards net-zero goals.

At the heart of the Sustain360™ platform lies a distinctive sustainability framework, seamlessly blending ESG reporting with integrated lifecycle management and climate risk modeling. This fusion culminates in a singular AI-driven software platform that has been proven to curtail carbon emissions by an average of 38% during product design. Furthermore, it boasts a staggering 50% reduction in implementation timelines and a noteworthy 3x slash in total cost of ownership. The secret behind these remarkable achievements? Embedded AI models that offer precise recommendations for alternative materials with reduced carbon footprints. This allows sustainability teams to delve deep into the molecular realm, identifying substitutes and eliminating hazardous chemicals.

Baz Khuti, the CEO of Sustain360, underscores the significance of this advancement: “The construction and industrial manufacturing sectors are among the most significant contributors to carbon emissions. Through the sheer potential of Sustain360™, our clients gain newfound insights into their projects and products, enabling them to trim their carbon footprint effectively.” Khuti adds, “Our platform is a blueprint for transforming the path to a net-zero world into a reality that is not only attainable but also streamlined and cost-efficient.


Sustain360™’s groundbreaking AI-powered sustainability platform addresses the urgent need for innovative solutions in achieving net-zero goals. With significant reductions in carbon emissions and costs, it promises to reshape the sustainability landscape, especially in carbon-intensive sectors like construction and manufacturing. The platform’s AI-driven approach signals a transformative shift towards eco-conscious efficiency in the market.