Tampa Bay Innovation Center Unveils Applications for Cutting-Edge Startup Accelerator Focused on AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning


  • Tampa Bay Innovation Center announces the opening of applications for its upcoming startup accelerator program.
  • The program is centered around AI, data science, and machine learning, with a focus on simplifying data collection, analysis, and monetization.
  • Startups working with large amounts of data, generated by Internet of Things networks, AI training, and other tools are encouraged to apply.
  • ARK Invest, Morrow Consultants, and PODS Moving & Storage are providing support and resources to participating startups.
  • The accelerator program includes workshops, mentoring, and customer validation research, starting in August.

Main AI News:

In a bid to foster groundbreaking innovation, the Tampa Bay Innovation Center is thrilled to announce the commencement of its highly-anticipated accelerator program, inviting ambitious startups to join the forefront of technological advancement. Located in the vibrant city of St. Petersburg, this early-stage tech incubator is paving the way for a new era of entrepreneurial success.

This visionary accelerator aims to empower startups that are revolutionizing the way we collect, analyze, and monetize vast quantities of data. By providing an invaluable platform for growth and development, it is tailored specifically for forward-thinking founders who are harnessing the power of data to drive their businesses forward. Whether it’s leveraging Internet of Things networks, training artificial intelligence systems, or utilizing cutting-edge tools, this program is the ultimate springboard for success.

Thanks to the unwavering support of industry leaders such as ARK Invest, Morrow Consultants, and PODS Moving & Storage, participating startups can expect a comprehensive package of benefits. These invaluable resources include unparalleled mentoring, expert advice, and vital financial support, all crucial ingredients for transforming innovative ideas into thriving businesses. The collaborative efforts of these renowned businesses are set to propel the AI-focused accelerator program to new heights, fostering an environment conducive to success.

Ken Evans, the esteemed Managing Director of the accelerator, expressed his enthusiasm for the limitless potential of data science and AI. He emphasized the significance of this next wave of innovation and the extraordinary opportunities it presents to shape various aspects of our lives. From revolutionizing transportation and driving scientific research to optimizing business operations and enhancing customer service, the impact of data-driven advancements is far-reaching.

Designed to deliver tangible results, the TBIC accelerator boasts a meticulously crafted curriculum comprising weekly workshops, personalized mentoring sessions, and ongoing customer validation research. This carefully curated program is set to commence in August, providing a unique platform for startups to thrive and achieve their full potential.

As the deadline for applications approaches, the Tampa Bay Innovation Center invites ambitious entrepreneurs to seize this unparalleled opportunity. By joining forces with this pioneering accelerator, startups can unlock a world of possibilities and position themselves at the forefront of the AI, data science, and machine learning revolution.


The launch of the Tampa Bay Innovation Center’s new startup accelerator focused on AI, data science, and machine learning signifies the growing importance of these fields in the market. With a strong emphasis on simplifying data processes, this program aims to empower startups working with large amounts of data and enable them to make significant contributions across various industries. The backing from industry leaders further highlights the market’s recognition of the potential and value of startups in these domains. As the accelerator program kicks off, it is poised to drive innovation, foster entrepreneurial growth, and shape the future of technology in the business landscape.