Transforming Sales Intelligence in Construction: and PILONA Technology GmbH Partnership

  • and PILONA Technology GmbH announced a partnership integrating advanced data analytics into PILONA’s platform.
  • The collaboration introduces a “lead booster feature” for construction businesses, offering seamless access to sales insights.
  • This initiative aims to empower users with tools to track sales trends and make informed decisions within the PILONA platform.
  • Isabell Claus, CEO of, emphasized the strategic importance of enhancing sales performance through advanced data analytics.
  • Wolfgang Ecker-Lala, CTO of, highlighted the technological synergy achieved by integrating data analytics with PILONA’s industry expertise.

Main AI News:, a pioneer in advanced data analytics, has announced a transformative partnership with PILONA Technology GmbH, a leading digitization platform for construction businesses. This collaboration aims to integrate’s sophisticated sales intelligence capabilities directly into PILONA’s platform, introducing a groundbreaking “lead booster feature” tailored for the construction industry.

The integration of’s robust data analytics into PILONA’s platform marks a significant advancement in enhancing sales effectiveness for construction businesses. This partnership enables PILONA’s customers to access valuable sales insights seamlessly within a white-label environment, thereby empowering them to make informed decisions that drive growth.

Isabell Claus, CEO of, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration marks an exciting step forward for both and PILONA. By integrating our advanced data analytics into PILONA’s platform, we are empowering construction businesses with the intelligence they need to boost their sales performance significantly.

Redefining Sales Intelligence

The cornerstone of this partnership is the introduction of the innovative lead booster feature, designed to revolutionize how construction businesses approach sales. This feature equips users with insights into potential leads, enables tracking of sales trends, and facilitates informed decision-making processes—all seamlessly integrated into the PILONA platform. This streamlined access to critical sales data is poised to set a new standard in sales intelligence within the construction industry.

Wolfgang Ecker-Lala, CTO of, highlighted the technological advantages of the integration, stating, “Our partnership with PILONA leverages the strengths of both companies. The lead booster feature is a testament to what can be achieved when cutting-edge technology and industry expertise come together.”

A Strategic Advantage

In today’s fiercely competitive market landscape, access to accurate and timely sales data is paramount. The collaboration between and PILONA ensures that construction businesses are equipped with powerful tools to meet their sales targets effectively and sustain long-term success. By combining’s data prowess with PILONA’s user-friendly platform, this partnership delivers a solution that is not only powerful but also intuitive and easy to use.

This alliance between and PILONA Technology GmbH represents a pivotal moment in enhancing sales intelligence for the construction industry, setting a precedent for future advancements in leveraging data analytics for business growth.


The partnership between and PILONA signifies a pivotal advancement in enhancing sales intelligence within the construction industry. By integrating sophisticated data analytics into PILONA’s platform, the collaboration equips construction businesses with powerful tools to boost sales effectiveness and drive growth. This strategic alliance sets a new standard for leveraging technology to meet evolving market demands and underscores the importance of data-driven insights in maintaining competitive advantage.