Transforming Vacation Rental Management with AI: The All-New Key Data Dashboard

  • Key Data Dashboard, a leading tool in vacation rentals, unveils its major update.
  • Features include a customizable interface for tailored reports.
  • AI Assistant powered by GPT-4 offers real-time guidance and optimization tips.
  • Enhanced mobile capabilities ensure access to critical insights anytime, anywhere.
  • Platform is now three times faster, providing quicker access to essential data.

Main AI News:

The latest Key Data Dashboard promises to revolutionize how vacation rental professionals drive performance with enhanced, quicker insights. Key Data Dashboard, a pivotal tool in the vacation rental industry for market data and performance metrics, proudly unveils its most significant update yet. Completely rebuilt for optimal functionality, the All-New Key Data boasts a fully customizable interface and robust features aimed at empowering property managers to make informed decisions swiftly. This update is tailored to elevate revenue, bolster profitability, and strengthen owner retention.

Customizable Interface Tailored to Your Needs

The All-New Key Data introduces a redesigned interface that allows users to tailor reports according to specific business requirements. Property managers can effortlessly organize and customize reports by role, market segment, seasonal trends, and more. This flexibility minimizes time spent searching for crucial occupancy and revenue-per-available-room (RevPAR) data, enabling Key Data partners to focus on leveraging insights to drive business growth and enhance owner satisfaction.

The All-New Key Data has streamlined my workflow significantly. Now, I can easily pinpoint trends by accessing custom sections on my dashboard,” remarked Meagan Travis, Revenue Manager at RealJoy Vacations based in Florida. “It’s a time-saver to have all my essential reports readily available whenever I need them.”

Rapid Access to Insights

The All-New Key Data features an AI Assistant powered by GPT-4, designed to provide property managers with real-time guidance, definitions, and optimization tips for their dashboards. Enhanced mobile capabilities ensure that professionals can access critical insights seamlessly, whether they are in the office or onsite. With a threefold increase in speed, the new platform delivers data faster than ever, ensuring vacation rental Pros have immediate access to the information necessary for informed decision-making.

We are excited to introduce the All-New Key Data to vacation rental professionals worldwide,” stated Jason Sprenkle, CEO of Key Data. “Our clients expressed the need for customizable dashboards that save time and enhance data utilization. We believe this update fulfills that need and more.”


The introduction of the All-New Key Data Dashboard marks a significant advancement for vacation rental management. With enhanced customization, real-time insights, and increased speed, Key Data sets a new standard in empowering property managers to optimize performance, boost profitability, and enhance owner satisfaction in the competitive rental market.