Xiao-I Corporation Secures Significant Contract for AI-Driven Solutions in Energy Sector

  • Xiao-I Corporation secured a significant contract with an international engineering consultancy in the energy sector.
  • The partnership aims to automate and enhance expert services through AI-driven solutions.
  • Xiao-I’s Smart Outbound Call product will streamline the expert invitation process, currently labor-intensive.
  • The AI dialing platform integrates the Hua Zang LLM for faster access, better performance, and cost efficiency.
  • This collaboration highlights Xiao-I’s commitment to innovation in operational efficiency and service quality.

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Xiao-I Corporation, a top-tier AI firm, has secured a substantial contract with an international engineering consultancy, a specialized unit within a prominent energy conglomerate. This partnership marks a critical stride towards optimizing operational efficiencies in the energy sector through AI integration.

The engineering consultancy, tasked with managing bidding, cost estimation, and engineering consulting for the conglomerate, identified the imperative to streamline and enhance service quality. To achieve this, the consultancy has opted to automate its expert invitation process using Xiao-I’s flagship product: Smart Outbound Call.

Currently, the manual notification system employed by the consultancy to invite tens of thousands of experts annually has proven laborious and ineffective. The primary objective of this initiative is to significantly boost operational efficiency.

Xiao-I Corporation offers a bespoke solution tailored to the consultancy’s expert engagement requirements. The AI-powered dialing platform, anchored by the versatile and efficient Hua Zang Large Language Model (“Hua Zang LLM”), guarantees expedited access, enhanced performance, and reduced deployment costs for AI solutions. The Hua Zang LLM, integrated with the Outbound Call solution, harnesses Xiao-I’s cutting-edge expertise in Natural Language Understanding, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Dialogue Management, and Machine Learning technologies. This Smart Outbound Call solution substitutes traditional human agents with chatbots, effectively handling outbound calling tasks and catering to diverse customer business contexts. Already proven across hundreds of implementations in government, finance, and enterprise sectors, this solution is poised to transform expert services within the energy industry.

This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in automating and optimizing expert services within the energy sector. It underscores Xiao-I Corporation’s steadfast commitment to delivering pioneering AI solutions that establish new benchmarks for operational efficiency and service excellence in the industry.


Xiao-I Corporation’s partnership with the engineering consultancy signifies a pivotal advancement in integrating AI solutions within the energy sector. By automating and optimizing expert services, Xiao-I not only enhances operational efficiency but also sets a new standard for leveraging AI technology in specialized industries like energy. This move underscores a growing trend where AI is becoming indispensable for improving service delivery and operational effectiveness across sectors.