AI Girlfriend Provider Forever Voices Faces Turmoil Amid CEO’s Arrest


  • Forever Voices, an AI chatbot company, halted operations after its CEO’s arrest.
  • CEO John Meyer was arrested for arson, causing significant property damage.
  • Users were left puzzled as their virtual companions ceased communication.
  • The company specializes in AI chatbots based on real personalities, including influencer Caryn Marjorie.
  • Users engaging in adult conversations led to a shift in the AI chatbot’s behavior.
  • Paying users lost access to chatbots like CarynAI.
  • The company posted bizarre conspiracy theories on social media before going offline.
  • Caryn Marjorie introduced CarynAI 2.0 after its acquisition by BanterAI.

Main AI News:

In a shocking turn of events, Forever Voices, a prominent AI chatbot company, abruptly ceased its operations on October 23, leaving countless users in a state of bewilderment. The unexpected halt in service was attributed to the arrest of the company’s CEO, John Meyer, sending shockwaves through the AI companion industry.

Mr. Meyer’s arrest stemmed from allegations of arson, where he was accused of setting fire to his Texas-based facility. This incident resulted in an estimated $3,60,000 in damages to the building, further compounding the gravity of the situation. As a result, Forever Voices found itself thrust into turmoil, with a myriad of users left wondering why their virtual companions had suddenly fallen silent.

Forever Voices had gained notoriety for creating AI chatbots fashioned after real individuals, with influencer Caryn Marjorie being among the notable personalities available for virtual interactions through the platform, which primarily utilized Telegram as its medium. While the platform’s initial intent was far from adult content, users began steering conversations toward a more erotic direction, prompting the AI chatbots to adapt accordingly.

However, as of October, those who had been paying to engage with chatbots such as CarynAI found themselves locked out of their digital companions. In the wake of this unsettling development, the official Forever Voices account posted a series of perplexing conspiracy theories on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), implicating the FBI, former US President Donald Trump, and alleged “rogue CIA terrorists.”

In the midst of this chaos, Caryn Marjorie emerged with a surprising revelation. On October 30, she introduced “CarynAI 2.0,” the next iteration of her AI chatbot. Ms. Marjorie announced that BanterAI, a tech startup, had acquired CarynAI in a noteworthy “six-figure deal.” Speaking on X, she expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am very excited for CarynAI and its users to experience a new upgrade in AI companionship.” She also offered assurance that the new chatbot girlfriend would elevate the overall experience, pledging that no direct messages would go unanswered.

As the AI companion industry grapples with these unexpected developments, the fate of Forever Voices remains uncertain, while the emergence of CarynAI 2.0 signals a new chapter in AI-driven companionship.


The unexpected turmoil surrounding Forever Voices underscores the vulnerabilities of the AI companion market. The abrupt cessation of services and the legal troubles faced by its CEO have raised concerns about the industry’s stability and the need for clear content guidelines. However, the emergence of CarynAI 2.0 under new ownership suggests that opportunities for innovation and growth still exist in this dynamic market.