Lockheed’s Strategic Moves: AI-Powered Assembly and Rocket Motors


  • Lockheed Martin Ventures partners with Launchpad.build, an assembly planning software and autonomous assembly systems provider.
  • Lockheed also leads a funding round for solid rocket motor startup X-Bow Systems.
  • Launchpad.build uses AI to enhance assembly processes and manufacturing agility.
  • Lockheed’s investment aligns with its focus on materials, manufacturing, autonomy, and robotics.
  • X-Bow Systems secures funding for innovative solid rocket motor development using additive manufacturing techniques.

Main AI News:

Lockheed Martin Ventures, a stalwart in the aerospace and defense industry, is making waves this week with its strategic investments. In one corner, they have partnered with Launchpad.build, a cutting-edge provider of assembly planning software and autonomous assembly systems. In another corner, Lockheed Martin Ventures is taking the lead in a funding round for X-Bow Systems, a solid rocket motor startup. These investments underscore Lockheed’s commitment to innovation and growth in core business areas.

Launchpad.build, founded in 2020, aims to revolutionize assembly processes by offering an alternative to traditional methods that rely on high labor costs and inflexible automation structures. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Launchpad.build’s software and assembly systems promise agility and adaptability in manufacturing. This visionary company’s software empowers users to generate quotes, estimate lead times, and analyze critical data related to inspections and surface finishes.

Lockheed Martin Ventures’ interest in Launchpad.build aligns with its strategic focus on materials, manufacturing, autonomy, and robotics. By investing in companies that drive technological advancements in these key areas, Lockheed is securing its position as an industry leader.

Simultaneously, Lockheed Martin Ventures is fostering innovation in rocket propulsion with its collaboration with X-Bow Systems. The recent funding round, led by Lockheed’s ventures team, attracted prominent investors like Crosslink Capital, Razor’s Edge Ventures, Balerion Spacen Ventures, Bravo Victor Venture Capital, and Capital Factory. While the exact capital injection remains undisclosed, X-Bow Systems revealed that it fulfills matching requirements for an estimated $60 million agreement with the Air Force’s AFWERX technology acceleration arm.

This collaboration, known as the Strategic Funding Increase Pact (STRATFI), signifies Lockheed’s dedication to advancing technology in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory. Together, they aim to develop and produce cost-effective solid rocket motors using additive manufacturing techniques. Lockheed Martin Ventures continues to make strategic investments, ensuring a bright future for both the corporation and the aerospace industry as a whole.


Lockheed’s strategic investments in Launchpad.build and X-Bow Systems signal a commitment to innovation and growth in core business areas. These partnerships will likely drive advancements in assembly technology and rocket propulsion, enhancing Lockheed’s position in the market and contributing to the aerospace industry’s ongoing evolution.