Accenture Forges Ahead in Guiding Clients to Scale Generative AI Responsibly

  • Accenture appoints Arnab Chakraborty as its first chief responsible AI officer.
  • The company expands its responsible AI capabilities, solutions, and partnerships.
  • Initiatives include advisory and technology services, managed services for AI compliance, and investment in gen AI testing.
  • Accenture emphasizes education and empowerment through responsible AI academies.
  • The company aims to broaden research partnerships and advocacy for responsible AI standards.
  • Accenture’s comprehensive responsible AI program integrates ethics, compliance, and technical training.

Main AI News:

Accenture is on an upward trajectory, enhancing its ability to evaluate, devise, execute, expand, and oversee AI systems responsibly, thereby aiding clients in various sectors to foster value and advancement.

In a strategic move, Accenture has named Arnab Chakraborty, a seasoned luminary within Accenture’s data & AI realm, as its inaugural chief responsible AI officer, effective immediately. Boasting over two decades of proficiency, Chakraborty boasts an impressive portfolio of 10 patents in machine learning solutions tailored for business dilemmas. His involvement in shaping the WEF AI Governance Alliance and advising on the practical nuances of balancing AI innovation within the US Senate AI Insight Forum attests to his expertise.

Client enthusiasm for embracing the potential of generative AI is palpable, and we stand poised to infuse responsible AI into every application. Just as we do for ourselves, we aim to expedite our clients’ success,” remarked Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO of Accenture. “Our primary objective is to empower clients to innovate AI securely, ensuring readiness to seize the myriad opportunities AI holds in the decades to come.”

The current surge in AI adoption marks a departure from previous waves of innovation—the pace of technological advancement, regulatory dynamics, and business uptake are all accelerating exponentially and concurrently, presenting a distinct array of challenges and ramifications for enterprises.

With the appointment of its inaugural chief responsible AI officer, Accenture is taking strides to amplify its responsible AI capabilities, solutions, platforms, ecosystem collaborations, and intellectual authority, including:

  • Expanding advisory and technological services to aid enterprises in formulating policies, principles, and standards, and executing them through risk assessments and testing frameworks, bolstered by technology, assets, and platforms. This includes ongoing monitoring and compliance to navigate evolving regulatory frameworks such as the EU AI Act.
  • Introducing managed services dedicated to overseeing AI solutions, systems, and controls, ensuring adherence to rapidly evolving regulations.
  • Investing in capabilities pertaining to gen AI testing, continuous compliance, regulatory management, and security, scaling these endeavors alongside its ecosystem collaborators.
  • Prioritizing education and empowerment through responsible AI academies tailored for Accenture personnel and clients, including board members and senior leadership.

With a storied legacy of championing responsible AI, Accenture is poised to broaden the scope of its research collaborations, inclusive of partnerships with Stanford, MIT, and the World Economic Forum. Additionally, it aims to bolster its position as a leading advocate for responsible AI standards and governance. Augmented by its collaborative efforts with ecosystem partners and enriched by its experience across over 1,000 generative AI client ventures, Accenture is equipping clients with the requisite capabilities to swiftly and securely integrate AI enterprise-wide.

Accenture underscores that responsible AI necessitates deliberate actions to design, deploy, and utilize AI to generate value, instill trust, and foster innovation, all while mitigating potential risks. Since 2017, the company has led by example, integrating commitments to employ AI responsibly within its Code of Business Ethics. In 2022, Accenture launched a comprehensive enterprise-wide responsible AI initiative, centered on tracking AI usage, comprehending its applications, assessing AI systems for risk levels, and implementing mitigation strategies. This initiative also encompasses post-deployment monitoring programs to ensure ongoing oversight of AI systems. Leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and user experience, the program further emphasizes enhancing responsible AI literacy through mandatory ethics and compliance training, in-depth technical training for AI practitioners, and responsible AI training for Accenture’s vast workforce, exceeding 742,000 individuals, as part of its Technology Quotient (TQ) program.

Industry leaders recognize the importance of adhering to responsible AI principles, yet there persists a gap in translating these principles into actionable strategies—our research indicates that merely 2% of companies have fully integrated responsible AI across their operations,” asserted Chakraborty. “Accenture is committed to leading the charge, aiding our clients in instituting and ingraining responsible AI practices, bridging the chasm between principles and implementation.”


Accenture’s strategic initiatives signify a proactive stance towards responsible AI deployment, positioning the company as a thought leader and enabler in navigating the evolving landscape of AI governance. These advancements underscore Accenture’s commitment to driving value for clients while mitigating potential risks, shaping the market by setting new standards for responsible AI adoption and implementation.