Accenture Projects Strong Revenue Growth Fueled by AI Demand Surge

  • Accenture forecasts higher-than-expected revenue growth driven by strong demand for AI integration services.
  • Quarterly bookings for GenAI services surged by 50%, outpacing traditional consulting and outsourcing sectors.
  • CEO Julie Sweet emphasizes GenAI’s role in driving cost efficiencies across industries.
  • Third-quarter revenue slightly missed estimates at $16.47 billion; adjusted profit per share at $3.13.
  • Annual revenue growth projected between 1.5% and 2.5%, reflecting resilience amid economic uncertainties.

Main AI News:

Accenture has revised its annual revenue growth forecast upwards, citing robust demand for its artificial intelligence integration services. This announcement follows a challenging year with a 19% decline in share value due to cautious market sentiments amidst higher interest rates impacting IT spending.

The firm’s AI division, pivotal in automating operations and enhancing productivity, reported a remarkable 50% increase in new bookings quarter-over-quarter. This growth eclipses traditional consulting and outsourcing services, which are experiencing slower uptake amid stabilizing enterprise expenditures.

CEO Julie Sweet highlighted GenAI’s role as a cost-saving catalyst, prompting aggressive cost-cutting measures across industries. New bookings for Accenture surged to $21.06 billion in the third quarter, up from $17.25 billion a year ago, with GenAI services contributing $900 million—a significant rise from the previous quarter’s $600 million.

While current demand trends remain tepid, the strength in outsourcing bookings underscores sustained interest in large-scale transformation initiatives,” commented Jefferies analyst Surinder Thind, noting Accenture’s resilient outlook amidst market uncertainties.

Despite third-quarter revenue slightly missing estimates at $16.47 billion (against $16.53 billion expected), and adjusted profit per share at $3.13 (versus $3.15 estimated), Accenture remains optimistic, projecting annual revenue growth between 1.5% and 2.5%, aligned closely with analysts’ projections.

This adjustment reflects Accenture’s adaptability in navigating economic headwinds, including a projected 0.7% negative impact from foreign exchange fluctuations for the fiscal year ending August.


Accenture’s robust performance amidst challenging market conditions underscores the growing importance of AI-driven solutions in corporate strategies. The substantial increase in GenAI bookings highlights a shift towards efficiency-driven investments despite cautious IT spending. This trend positions Accenture favorably in a competitive landscape where digital transformation remains a critical priority for businesses globally.


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