Advancing AI Literacy: Celebrating National Awareness Day

  • The EDSAFE AI Alliance and partners are promoting National AI Literacy Day on April 19, 2024.
  • Events nationwide aim to educate students, parents, and educators about AI’s fundamentals.
  • Free resources, including lesson plans and professional development opportunities, are available on the official website.
  • Key figures, like Erin Mote and Amanda Bickerstaff, emphasize the importance of AI literacy for future success.
  • The initiative encourages collaborative efforts to empower every child to participate equitably in the AI revolution.
  • Highlights of #AILiteracyDay 2024 include curriculum for all grade levels, educator learning opportunities, and community events.
  • Partners like Common Sense Media and aiEDU are contributing resources to enhance AI literacy.
  • The Stanford Graduate School of Education offers AI literacy resources, including explainer videos and co-designed materials.
  • Tech Interactive showcases its commitment to advancing AI literacy through educator resources and enriched exhibits.

Main AI News:

In collaboration with The AI Education Project, AI for Education, Common Sense Media, and The Tech Interactive, the EDSAFE AI Alliance is marking a nationwide day of engagement, encouraging students, parents, educators, and community members to delve into the core question, “What is AI?” on April 19, 2024. Across the nation, educational activities are underway, offering valuable resources such as lesson plans tailored for classrooms and after-school programs. Additionally, educators can access professional development opportunities for fostering AI literacy through education, all provided free of charge via the official website,

We’re excited to expand our ongoing efforts as leaders of the EDSAFE AI Alliance into a public celebration centered on learning, community empowerment, and resource provision for educators, aiming to establish a robust foundation for AI literacy,” stated Erin Mote, CEO of InnovateEDU.

The EDSAFE AI Alliance, spearheaded by InnovateEDU and supported by a consortium of organizations spanning the education sector, is committed to offering global leadership in cultivating a safer, more secure, equitable, and trusted AI education ecosystem. This is achieved through a comprehensive focus on research, policy, and practice.

National AI Literacy Day marks a pivotal stride toward fostering AI literacy across our communities,” remarked Amanda Bickerstaff, CEO of AI for Education, emphasizing the importance of equipping educators, students, and parents with the knowledge to navigate the future of this transformative technology responsibly.

Fostering AI literacy necessitates a collaborative endeavor that transcends boundaries. By uniting stakeholders from the tech industry, education sector, governmental bodies, and non-profit organizations, we can collectively empower every child to engage equitably in the AI revolution. National AI Literacy Day epitomizes our dedication to learning, problem-solving, and laying the groundwork for a safer, more inclusive AI ecosystem for all,” affirmed Katrina Stevens, President and CEO of Tech Interactive.

#AILiteracyDay 2024 Highlights:

  • Curriculum and Lesson Plans for All Grade Levels: Comprehensive lesson plans addressing essential AI concepts, safety, and ethics tailored for grades K-12. Options include full-day activities and concise 20-minute lessons.
  • A Day of Learning for Educators Everywhere: Access to on-demand professional learning resources and a plethora of special webinars, events, and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions throughout the day, offering educators at all levels an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Local and National Events Fostering Community Connections: Affiliated events in states and districts nationwide bringing together organizations for educational enrichment, entertainment, and spotlighting significant initiatives. National AI Literacy Day will feature live events in DC, NYC, and Silicon Valley.
  • Establishing a Network for National AI Literacy: From delving into student data privacy to discussions on AI’s impact on the educational landscape, communities across the US will host parent and student engagement events, enriching understanding and fostering a groundswell of AI literacy.

Organizations or school districts seeking further information or wishing to participate in National AI Literacy Day can complete a form available on the website, and a member of the team will reach out.

Educating youth about artificial intelligence is pivotal for their future success,” emphasized James P. Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media. “We are delighted to dedicate a day to support students, families, and educators in gaining deeper insights into this technology within a fun and inclusive environment.”

“AI literacy isn’t merely an option; it’s an imperative in today’s swiftly evolving digital landscape,” asserted Alex Kotran, Co-founder and CEO of aiEDU. “Without it, we risk leaving our educators and students ill-prepared to thrive in a world where artificial intelligence permeates nearly every aspect of our lives. National AI Literacy Day sheds light on AI’s classroom benefits. It’s imperative that our educators and students evolve from mere consumers to creators of the future.”

Apart from the resources available on, partners and affiliates are unveiling additional materials and resources for AI Literacy Day.

Common Sense is launching a suite of AI literacy resources aimed at fostering critical thinking about AI and its ramifications for students, educators, and families. Resources include grab-and-go lessons for grades 6-12, an AI webinar series for educators, and explainer videos for families. An asynchronous AI professional development session for educators, incorporating guidelines for responsible AI use in the classroom, is slated for release in May 2024.

The Stanford Accelerator for Learning and the Stanford Graduate School of Education have introduced a suite of AI literacy resources titled CRAFT (Classroom-Ready Resources About AI For Teaching), offering high school teachers co-designed, free AI literacy materials to facilitate students in exploring, comprehending, questioning, and critiquing AI.

Additionally, the Stanford Graduate School of Education has launched a series of explainer videos on AI and education, featuring faculty members.

Embracing its role as a premier hub for science and technology education, Tech Interactive proudly announces its organizational commitment to advancing AI literacy. Through the dissemination of free educator resources, complimentary online professional development, enriched exhibits, and an emphasis on AI innovation at its renowned Tech for Global Good event, The Tech is dedicated to a future where ethical AI usage is universally accessible and equitable for all community members.

Tech Interactive is rolling out new AI resources for grades 4-12, including lesson plans, discussion guides, and videos. Exhibits featured at The Interactive will showcase prototypes of immersive AI utilizing speech recognition and visual display, robotics employing machine learning with visual recognition, and an interactive for image generation. Existing exhibits leveraging AI will include AI terminology definitions to highlight AI usage and enhance comprehension and engagement.


The concerted efforts of organizations and stakeholders to promote AI literacy signify a growing awareness of the importance of understanding AI’s role in our lives. This emphasis on education and collaboration reflects a proactive approach to preparing individuals for the increasingly AI-driven future, which could lead to a more informed and adaptable market landscape.