Advancing Water Safety: Coral Smart Pool’s MYLO AI Device

  • Coral Smart Pool introduces MYLO AI device ahead of World Drowning Awareness Month.
  • MYLO utilizes cutting-edge AI to detect potential drowning incidents in real-time.
  • Key features include continuous monitoring, immediate alert system, and adaptive learning.
  • Coral Smart Pool emphasizes collaboration and innovation for drowning prevention.
  • ASTM International publishes standard for residential pool AI drowning detection systems, including MYLO.

Main AI News:

In anticipation of World Drowning Prevention Day, Coral Smart Pool is thrilled to showcase the transformative impact of their pioneering AI innovation, MYLO, in addressing the global challenge of drowning incidents.

With over 320,000 lives lost annually to drowning, particularly among children under five, according to the World Health Organization, Coral Smart Pool is at the forefront of revolutionizing water safety. Committed to reversing these grim statistics, the company aims to create safer aquatic environments worldwide.

MYLO, fueled by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, represents a monumental advancement in water safety technology. Harnessing advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring capabilities, MYLO boasts unparalleled accuracy in detecting potential drowning incidents, facilitating swift interventions to avert tragedies.

Shadie Bisharat, CEO of Coral Smart Pool, expressed the company’s dedication to leveraging technology for lifesaving purposes: “MYLO epitomizes our relentless pursuit of proactive solutions to global public health challenges, backed by years of dedicated research and development.

Key attributes of the MYLO AI device comprise:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: MYLO diligently surveils aquatic settings, scrutinizing movement patterns to identify potential drowning indicators promptly.
  • Immediate Alert System: In the event of a potential drowning scenario, MYLO promptly dispatches alerts to designated caregivers or lifeguards, expediting rescue operations.
  • Adaptive Learning: Equipped with AI capabilities, MYLO evolves and enhances its performance over time, continuously refining its algorithms to minimize false alarms and bolster accuracy.

Beyond technological innovation, Coral Smart Pool advocates for heightened awareness and education on drowning prevention strategies. “As we commemorate World Drowning Awareness Month, it’s imperative to acknowledge the preventability of drowning,” emphasized Bisharat. “Through collaborative endeavors and innovative solutions like MYLO, we can save lives and foster safer communities globally.

Of significant note is ASTM International’s recent publication of ASTM F3698-24, the Standard Specification for Computer-vision Drowning Detection Systems for Residential Swimming Pools. This milestone marks the establishment of the world’s inaugural standard and specification for residential pool AI drowning detection systems, encompassing devices such as MYLO and their drowning prevention monitoring capabilities. Coral Smart Pool is optimistic that this standard’s issuance will elevate awareness regarding the imperative need for AI drowning detection solutions like MYLO, driving widespread adoption and enhancing water safety protocols.


Coral Smart Pool’s unveiling of the MYLO AI device marks a significant stride in water safety technology. By integrating advanced AI capabilities, MYLO offers real-time monitoring and swift intervention to combat drowning incidents. This innovation underscores the company’s commitment to proactive solutions and collaboration within the industry. With the establishment of ASTM International’s standard for AI drowning detection systems, including MYLO, the market can anticipate heightened awareness and adoption of such lifesaving technologies, driving advancements in water safety protocols globally.