AdventureGenie: Redefining Roadtrip Planning for RVers with AI


  • AdventureGenie is an AI-powered planning tool for RV and camping trips.
  • It consolidates all planning tools in one place, simplifying the process for travelers.
  • The platform intelligently generates customized itineraries based on travelers’ preferences.
  • AdventureGenie has an extensive database of 25,000+ campgrounds and unique features like GenieSummaries and GenieScores.
  • GenieWishes prompts users to express their preferences for personalized trip planning.
  • AdventureGenie is a one-stop travel planning website, answering the three key questions: What to do? How to get there? Where to stay?

Main AI News:

Embarking on a memorable RV or camping journey often involves juggling numerous websites and apps simultaneously, leading to frustration and confusion. While some apps offer route planning features, they fall short when it comes to providing comprehensive information on nearby campgrounds. Roadtrippers face the dilemma of either sticking to the conventional route or venturing off the beaten path to explore the unknown. Preferences vary, with some seeking secluded “middle of nowhere” campsites, while others crave well-equipped locations with abundant amenities.

In light of these challenges, AdventureGenie emerges as the ultimate solution. Driven by artificial intelligence, this innovative platform possesses an uncanny ability to think like real travelers, streamlining the trip planning process by consolidating all necessary tools in one convenient location.

Founders Scott Lengel, a former senior technology executive at Microsoft, and David Greenberg, a seasoned CEO and investor, envisioned AdventureGenie as a comprehensive travel planning website tailored explicitly for RVers, campers, and road trippers. Leveraging the power of AI, AdventureGenie effortlessly deciphers travelers’ desires, answering the fundamental questions that occupy the minds of campers and RVers alike: What to do? How to get there? Where to stay?

At AdventureGenie, we address the three pivotal queries in every camper’s and RVer’s mind,” explains CEO Scott Lengel. “Our goal is to make it a seamless journey from envisioning the perfect trip to executing it with precision, all within the confines of a single platform.”

The prowess of AdventureGenie extends beyond generating conventional itineraries. Its cutting-edge technology enables the intelligent creation of customized journeys, aligning with the most sought-after themed trips. From detailed trip guides to recommended campgrounds and activities, AdventureGenie caters to every traveler’s unique preferences.

With an extensive database comprising over 25,000 public and private campgrounds, AdventureGenie relies on proprietary AI algorithms to tailor itineraries that resonate with individual users. The platform introduces ingenious features such as GenieSummaries, providing succinct yet comprehensive descriptions of each campground. Additionally, the innovative GenieScores rating system assists travelers in gauging the suitability of each location, while GenieMatch highlights campgrounds that align perfectly with individual preferences, ensuring a seamless match between travelers and destinations.

Seamlessly integrated into AdventureGenie’s route planning and campground selection tool is GenieWishes. This ingenious feature prompts users to express their desires and preferences for the trip ahead. In response, AdventureGenie’s AI engine crafts a meticulously planned itinerary, stop by stop, carefully tailored to meet those specific preferences.

Our GenieTrips are the epitome of meticulous travel planning, catering to dozens of popular destinations,” adds Lengel. “With our extensive campground database and the built-in magic of GenieSummaries, GenieScores, and GenieMatch, we uncover the ideal campgrounds for each individual traveler.”

AdventureGenie, with its dynamic route planning tool, crafts personalized routes that recommend AI-generated GenieStops along the way. Seamlessly aligned with the campground database and GenieTrips, this feature ensures that every step of the journey aligns with the traveler’s preferences, culminating in an unforgettable experience.

David Greenberg shares, “AdventureGenie was born out of the vexing question my wife and I faced while planning our RV vacations: Is there a one-stop-shop that caters to the dreams of RVers and campers? The resounding answer is a resolute yes.”


AdventureGenie’s innovative approach to roadtrip planning, powered by AI, fills a significant gap in the market for RVers and campers. By offering a one-stop solution with personalized itineraries, detailed campground information, and seamless integration of travel preferences, AdventureGenie is set to transform the road trip planning experience. Its extensive database and user-focused features position it as a game-changer in the travel industry, catering to the needs of modern travelers seeking unforgettable adventures on the road. As the demand for efficient, hassle-free travel planning continues to rise, AdventureGenie is poised to dominate the market, capturing the hearts of road trippers and positioning itself as the go-to platform for all RV enthusiasts.