AI-Driven Demand Surges Propel High-Capacity HDD Price Hikes, Seagate Set to Follow Suit 

  • Seagate follows Western Digital Corporation in raising HDD prices due to an AI-driven demand surge.
  • High-capacity HDD demand surges, coupled with reduced production, cause supply-demand imbalance.
  • Seagate cites rebounding demand and production constraints, leading to extended lead times.
  • Global inflationary pressures further exacerbate cost challenges.
  • Price hikes are expected to continue as supply constraints persist, with projections of 5% to 10% increases in the second quarter.
  • WDC previously announced price increases for NAND Flash and HDD products due to supply shortages.

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In the wake of Western Digital Corporation’s (WDC) recent price adjustment announcement, Seagate Technology gears up to mirror the move by raising its prices accordingly. Prompted by escalating demand for high-capacity HDDs fueled by AI applications and coupled with decreased production outputs from HDD manufacturers, the industry witnesses a mismatch between supply and demand dynamics, consequently driving prices upwards. Seagate, in its official communication to clients, highlights the persistent rebound in demand across various business segments alongside production limitations, leading to extended lead times and unmet customer demands. Moreover, the prevailing global inflationary trends further compound the cost pressures.

In response to these challenges, Seagate Technology unveils plans to enact price hikes for fresh orders and demand surpassing prior commitments, anticipating sustained supply constraints, thereby signaling prolonged price escalations in subsequent quarters. Industry insiders, as cited by TechNews, foresee continued shortages in high-capacity HDDs throughout the current quarter and potentially beyond, with price increments projected at 5% to 10% in the second quarter of this year.

Notably, WDC had earlier notified its clientele on April 8th regarding ongoing price revisions for NAND Flash and HDD products, reaffirming the scarcity in HDD supplies. The announcement attributed the price adjustments to surging demand across the flash and HDD portfolio alongside supply chain bottlenecks plaguing the electronics sector. With these circumstances prevailing, WDC pledges to persist with price adjustments for flash and HDD products in the ongoing quarter, implementing immediate changes to mitigate supply-demand imbalances.


Seagate’s decision to raise HDD prices in response to AI-driven demand surge and production constraints, along with Western Digital Corporation’s similar move, underscores the challenges in the HDD market. The supply-demand imbalance, exacerbated by global inflationary pressures, indicates a turbulent landscape ahead, with continued price hikes expected to mitigate these challenges. Companies in the electronics sector must navigate these dynamics carefully, ensuring strategic pricing strategies and supply chain resilience to withstand market volatility.