AI Lifeguard Technology Expands to UAE Beaches: SightBit and Blueguard Join Forces


  • Israeli AI lifeguard technology, SightBit, partners with Dubai-based Blueguard to enhance beach safety in the UAE.
  • SightBit utilizes AI, deep learning, and computer vision to monitor beach activities, identifying potential dangers such as drownings, rip currents, and pollution.
  • The technology seamlessly integrates with existing surveillance cameras and scans up to 300 meters of shoreline.
  • Founder Adam Bismut’s vision for SightBit is to save lives globally.
  • Blueguard foresees benefits for governments, hotels, beach operators, and all stakeholders managing open water activities.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking partnership, Israel’s pioneering AI-powered lifeguard, SightBit, is making waves on the beaches of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This innovative technology, originally developed in Israel, is now set to complement traditional lifeguarding techniques in the UAE, courtesy of a collaboration with Blueguard, a Dubai-based water safety and first aid company.

SightBit operates by analyzing live video feeds from existing waterfront cameras, using deep learning, computer vision, and risk-assessment algorithms to swiftly identify potential drownings, unattended children, rip-currents, inshore holes, and vortexes. What sets this AI lifeguard apart is its ability to continuously monitor every individual and object in the water, tracking their movements with unparalleled precision.

Moreover, SightBit doesn’t stop at mere detection. It can activate automatic speakers and spotlights to alert beachgoers to potential dangers. In cases of immediate danger, it dispatches drones equipped with lifebelts to assist swimmers in distress. Remarkably, SightBit is also trained to detect and predict the spread of pollution in open water, making it a multifaceted asset to beach safety.

One of SightBit’s key advantages is its seamless integration into existing surveillance TV cameras, eliminating the need for costly new equipment installations. Each unit can efficiently scan up to 300 meters of shoreline, making it a cost-effective and far-reaching solution for beach safety.

SightBit’s journey began in 2018 when its founder, Adam Bismut, witnessed a near-fatal drowning incident. This pivotal moment spurred him to leverage advanced image processing technologies to revolutionize ocean rescue. His vision was clear: to save lives everywhere.

Adam Bismut, CEO of SightBit, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s expansion into the UAE, saying, “SightBit’s mission is to help save lives everywhere. We are thrilled for the opportunity we have to bring our revolutionary technology to the UAE and protect the lives of the wonderful people who live there.

The partnership between SightBit and Blueguard is set to redefine beach safety in the UAE. Luke Cunningham, Managing Director of Blueguard, emphasized the potential benefits of this collaboration for various stakeholders, including governments, hotels, beach operators, and anyone managing access or activities in open water. He noted, “Our commitment to water safety, coupled with SightBit’s cutting-edge technology, will transform beach management and safety in the UAE.”


The expansion of SightBit’s AI lifeguard technology to UAE beaches, in collaboration with Blueguard, marks a significant advancement in beach safety. This innovative solution, powered by AI and advanced image processing, offers a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to monitoring and mitigating potential risks in coastal areas. As the partnership gains traction in the UAE and potentially beyond, it has the potential to revolutionize beach management and safety practices, offering enhanced security to both residents and tourists, while also creating opportunities for businesses and government agencies involved in beach-related activities.