AI-Powered Innovations in Acqueon Workspace: Elevating Enterprise Efficiency and Resilience


  • Acqueon unveils enhancements to Acqueon Workspace, a sales, collections, and proactive service agent desktop solution.
  • A new AI-powered feature, Acqueon Summarize, provides accurate post-call summaries, reducing manual notetaking and improving agent efficiency.
  • Acqueon Workspace offers seamless cross-platform migration, simplifying transitions for contact centers moving to the cloud.
  • Multi-region redundancy support ensures minimal disruption in the event of regional outages, enhancing enterprise resilience.

Main AI News:

In the realm of enterprise solutions, Acqueon has just unveiled a series of enhancements to its flagship agent desktop solution, Acqueon Workspace. These upgrades, geared towards sales, collections, and proactive service operations, showcase the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the industry. With a focus on artificial intelligence, seamless platform transitions, and robust redundancy features, Acqueon is setting the stage for large-scale enterprise deployments.

Powerful AI-Powered Call Summarization

Acqueon’s dedication to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence is evident in its latest offering, Acqueon Summarize. This cutting-edge tool leverages Generative AI Large Language Model technology to deliver precise and concise post-call summaries. These summaries encapsulate critical aspects of agent-customer interactions, including the purpose of the call, subsequent steps, objections raised, and the ultimate outcomes. By automating this summarization process, Acqueon Summarize significantly reduces the need for manual note-taking by agents. The result? Increased efficiency, faster responses to customer inquiries, and streamlined supervisor reviews, as call summaries are far more digestible than full transcripts.

Seamless Cross-Platform Migration with Agent Desktop

From its inception, Acqueon Workspace was designed with adaptability in mind. This versatile solution offers a unified interface, simplifying the work environments of sales, collections, and proactive service agents. It achieves this by seamlessly integrating multiple CRM, CCaaS, and enterprise systems into a common primary agent application. Depending on the specific requirements of the contact center, Acqueon Workspace can seamlessly reside within a CRM or CCaaS desktop or provide widgets and other components for a fully customized desktop experience. Powered by AWS, Acqueon Workspace also facilitates smooth transitions across contact center platforms—an essential capability as many enterprises migrate from on-premises contact centers to cloud-based alternatives. Agents accustomed to working with Acqueon Workspace will experience minimal disruptions or learning curves when transitioning between different contact center platforms or providers.

Multi-Region Redundancy for Enterprise Resilience

In recognition of the critical need for enterprise resilience and availability, Acqueon Workspace now offers multi-region redundancy support. Sales, collections, and proactive service agents who rely on Acqueon Workspace for functions such as inbound screen pops, call control, and CRM access can rest assured knowing that their operations will experience minimal disruption in the event of a regional outage. Acqueon’s cutting-edge technology replicates desktop configuration data across AWS US-East and US-West regions, complete with full backups and configuration snapshots. This architecture ensures swift switchover times at a cost-effective rate, further enhancing the reliability of Acqueon Workspace.

A Visionary Approach to Enterprise Success

Ashish Koul, CEO of Acqueon, emphasizes the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering for enterprises. He notes, “Acqueon continues to deliver for enterprises seeking to balance contact center migrations to the cloud with the need to innovate with AI. The capabilities in Acqueon Summarize, along with the cross-platform compatibility and multi-region redundancy in Acqueon Workspace, ensure that agents focused on revenue outcomes maximize their productivity with minimal disruption as enterprises take the journey to the cloud contact center.” For B2C enterprises aiming to optimize revenue generation and recovery, Acqueon’s leadership in this space is poised to deliver ongoing benefits.


These advancements by Acqueon in AI-driven call summarization, cross-platform compatibility, and multi-region redundancy signal a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the enterprise market. The focus on efficiency and resilience aligns with the growing demand for agile and adaptable solutions in the contact center industry. Acqueon’s innovations position it well to serve enterprises seeking to maximize productivity and navigate the transition to cloud-based contact centers.