AI-Powered Renewal Book Solutions: Transforming the Insurance Landscape


  • Mark Kollar Consulting Group and Understudy Insurance Services have formed Renewal Book Solutions, LLC.
  • This strategic partnership introduces advanced AI technology into the renewal book marketplace.
  • AI streamlines underwriting processes, reducing time and enhancing risk management.
  • Understudy’s AI platform offers comprehensive insights into exposures and compliance with guidelines.
  • It generates risk scores and optimizes the underwriting workflow, improving efficiency.
  • The human touch remains vital in decision-making, but AI empowers underwriters.
  • Renewal Book Solutions, LLC enhances book management, allowing businesses to focus on growth.

Main AI News:

In a strategic collaboration that promises to revolutionize the insurance industry, Mark Kollar Consulting Group and Understudy Insurance Services have joined forces to establish Renewal Book Solutions, LLC. This innovative partnership brings the formidable capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to the renewal book marketplace. Renewal processes have historically been time-consuming, yet integral aspects of the insurance business. By incorporating cutting-edge AI technology through Renewal Book Solutions, LLC, the team can harness AI’s potential to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and lay the foundation for future expansion.

Tarek Timol, President and CEO of Understudy Insurance Services, expressed his enthusiasm about this groundbreaking venture, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Renewal Book Solutions, LLC to address the evolving demands of the renewal underwriting market. The Understudy AI platform is purpose-built to support all facets of underwriting, delivering comprehensive insights into exposures. In the context of a renewal book of business, Understudy stands poised to offer distinctive and advanced insights into exposures that may have evolved since the initial policy period. This valuable insight empowers Renewal Book Solutions underwriters to ensure that risks are accurately priced, endorsed, and managed, thereby reducing the time required to process renewals. Leveraging our AI technology not only optimizes the existing renewal book but also delivers substantial value for future policy periods.”

This strategic alliance is dedicated to providing an AI-driven solution tailored to a precisely defined challenge, offering swift implementation with minimal technological integration. As we address this challenge, our customers will gain exposure to the comprehensive capabilities of the Understudy platform, potentially leading to broader adoption.

The generative AI component of the Understudy Platform offers substantial efficiencies for the renewal book. It can be fine-tuned to:

  • Validate current compliance with underwriting guidelines, a critical task when guidelines undergo modifications. This entails scrutinizing classifications, credit and debit applications, rate integrity, policy language adherence to filed coverage components, and endorsements. 
  • Verify exposure information, encompassing alterations in exposure metrics such as sales, payroll, square footage, flood plan data, crime statistics, or the addition of amenities like pools or dance floors. 
  • Generate a risk assessment score based on criteria established in collaboration with underwriting managers. This documentation becomes an integral part of the underwriting file.

In essence, this platform serves as a formidable tool in the underwriter’s arsenal, undertaking the meticulous and often mundane tasks required for comprehensive decision-making.

Mark Kollar, Founder of Mark Kollar Consulting Group, emphasized the value of human judgment in the insurance landscape, stating, “AI may excel in various domains, but it cannot replace the role of a human underwriter when it comes to explaining complex decisions. People bear the responsibility for decisions, and AI enhances the capabilities of underwriters. That’s why we encourage you to experience AI’s potential by collaborating with our underwriters, who leverage the Understudy platform.”

The renewal book constitutes the backbone of any book of business, demanding meticulous evaluation and management of underwriting resources. Renewal Book Solutions, LLC presents the technological infrastructure to facilitate more efficient book management, allowing businesses to direct their efforts toward fostering new growth opportunities.


The establishment of Renewal Book Solutions, LLC signifies a pivotal moment in the insurance industry, as it integrates AI technology to streamline underwriting processes and enhance risk management. While AI enhances efficiency and offers valuable insights, the human element remains essential for decision-making. This development underscores the industry’s commitment to innovation and efficiency, paving the way for more effective book management and growth opportunities.