AI-Powered Travel Discovery: Skyscanner Unveils “Dream and Discover with AI


  • Skyscanner unveils “Dream and Discover with AI,” a revolutionary travel discovery tool.
  • Initially in beta in Australia, India, and Singapore, with plans for a broader rollout.
  • Powered by OpenAI’s Chat GPT, it allows open-ended queries for travel ideas and recommendations.
  • Includes prompts like “short flights next weekend” and combines them with striking imagery and detailed destination descriptions.
  • Travelers receive three destination suggestions with flight options, simplifying the booking process.
  • Skyscanner aims to leverage generative AI to enhance the travel planning experience.
  • The tool uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT product, incorporating “large language model” (LLM) technology based on 2021 internet data.

Main AI News:

Skyscanner, the renowned travel platform, is revolutionizing the way travelers plan their adventures with its latest offering, the “Dream and Discover with AI” search discovery tool. This cutting-edge innovation, backed by generative AI technology, promises to redefine the travel planning experience.

Initially introduced in beta mode across Australia, India, and Singapore, this tool aims to gauge how travelers respond to AI assistance in trip planning. Skyscanner is set to roll out this groundbreaking feature to other markets soon.

Powered by OpenAI’s Chat GPT technology, “Dream and Discover with AI” enables travelers to pose open-ended queries and questions, such as “Best cities for cultural tours” or “What are some hidden gems in Europe?“. Beyond that, it offers an array of prompts, ranging from “short flights next weekend to “Foodie city breaks.” The result? A wealth of travel ideas, personalized recommendations, and three handpicked destination suggestions, complete with links to the most suitable flight options.

What sets this tool apart from its generative AI counterparts and chatbots is its incorporation of captivating imagery seamlessly integrated with detailed destination descriptions. These visuals serve to accentuate the unique attributes of each suggested location. Once travelers decide on their dream destination, the tool seamlessly directs them to Skyscanner’s flight search platform, simplifying the booking process.

Piero Sierra, Skyscanner’s Chief Product Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking technology, stating, “Generative AI is such an exciting technology that we as a travel industry are only just beginning to apply. 56% of travelers are coming to Skyscanner for inspiration, so with this beta launch, we are looking to understand how it might help travelers in the discovery phases of the travel planning journey, and importantly how they engage with the technology versus existing tools. This is one of many experiments we are running to see how generative AI can be incorporated into the core Skyscanner proposition – helping travelers plan and book their trip easily and confidently – in the future.”

This innovative tool relies on OpenAI’s ChatGPT product, utilizing “large language model” (LLM) technology. It leverages historical internet data from 2021 and employs natural language technology to facilitate seamless interactions between travelers and the LLM through free-text input.


Skyscanner’s “Dream and Discover with AI” marks a significant advancement in travel technology, catering to the growing demand for personalized travel experiences. By seamlessly integrating AI-driven recommendations with captivating visuals, Skyscanner is positioning itself to provide travelers with a more engaging and efficient trip planning process, ultimately reshaping the competitive landscape of the travel market.