ALN Technology and HeyScottie collaborate to enhance manufacturing front office efficiency using AI

  • ALN Technology and HeyScottie team up to enhance manufacturing front office efficiency with AI.
  • The partnership merges ALN Technology’s AI expertise with HeyScottie’s automation proficiency.
  • Goal: Introduce lean manufacturing concepts to industrial front offices.
  • CEOs express excitement, foreseeing unprecedented efficiency and competitiveness for manufacturers.
  • Focus areas: Predictive maintenance, quality control, supply chain optimization, and more.
  • The collaboration aims to tailor AI solutions to meet manufacturing clients’ diverse global needs.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking move, ALN Technology, a trailblazer in AI solutions, and HeyScottie, a pioneer in industrial automation, have joined forces to redefine operational efficiency in manufacturing front offices using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This partnership signifies a significant milestone in the realm of advanced manufacturing, where ALN Technology’s AI prowess merges seamlessly with HeyScottie’s automation proficiency. Together, they aim to introduce lean manufacturing principles to the industrial front office, ushering in a new era of productivity.

Jeana Feely, CEO of ALN Technology, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Teaming up with HeyScottie enables us to spearhead AI-driven solutions in manufacturing operations. By synergizing our AI capabilities with HeyScottie’s automation software, we empower manufacturers to achieve unparalleled efficiency and competitiveness.”

Rhonda Dibachi, CEO of HeyScottie, echoed Feely’s sentiments, emphasizing the partnership’s significance in digitizing the manufacturing sector. “By harnessing ALN Technology’s cutting-edge AI, we provide clients with an integrated front office platform encompassing marketing, lead generation, instant price quotes, performance analytics, and logistics,” she stated.

Both ALN Technology and HeyScottie remain steadfast in their commitment to developing AI-powered solutions that meet the dynamic needs of modern manufacturing. From predictive maintenance to supply chain optimization, they believe AI offers a gateway to enhanced competitiveness amidst evolving market landscapes.

We’re convinced that AI is the linchpin for manufacturing innovation,” remarked Dibachi. “With ALN Technology, we’re poised to drive industry-wide transformation and efficiency.

Under this partnership, ALN Technology and HeyScottie will collaborate on tailoring AI-driven solutions to meet manufacturing clients’ diverse needs globally. Leveraging their combined strengths, they aspire to catalyze positive change throughout the manufacturing value chain.


The partnership between ALN Technology and HeyScottie signifies a significant step forward in digitizing the manufacturing industry. By leveraging AI capabilities, they aim to offer comprehensive solutions that enhance efficiency and competitiveness. This collaboration underscores the growing importance of AI in manufacturing, signaling a shift towards more innovative and streamlined processes in the market.