Amazon Expands Partnership with Salesforce to Offer Integration of AI Tech


  • Amazon and Salesforce have expanded their partnership to offer Salesforce products on the AWS platform.
  • This collaboration aims to facilitate seamless data management between Salesforce and AWS and enable easy integration of AI technologies.
  • Salesforce’s GenAI tools for personalized content and AWS’s Amazon Bedrock AI model will be key components.
  • The integration is set to be fully operational by 2024.
  • Amazon’s shares rose by 1.35%, and Salesforce’s shares increased by 0.5% on the announcement.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move towards bolstering its position in the AI race, Inc. has announced an expanded partnership with Salesforce Inc. This collaboration will see Amazon offering Salesforce products on its Web Services platform, providing customers with a seamless solution for managing their data across Salesforce and AWS.

This groundbreaking partnership is set to empower users by enabling them to effortlessly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into their applications and workflows. Salesforce, a prominent player in the cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software arena, brings to the table its GenAI tools that can craft personalized content for marketing and customer service. On the other hand, AWS boasts Amazon Bedrock, a formidable AI large language model.

The integration of Salesforce products on the AWS platform is expected to be fully operational by 2024, promising businesses a future where AI-driven solutions are readily accessible and integrated into their operations.

This promising development has already had a positive impact on the market, as Amazon’s shares surged by more than 1.35% in intraday trading on Monday, while Salesforce also experienced a commendable rise of over 0.5%. As the business world eagerly awaits the full realization of this partnership, it is clear that Amazon and Salesforce are poised to reshape the landscape of AI integration in the years to come.


The partnership between Amazon and Salesforce signifies a significant step forward in the market’s evolution toward AI integration. Businesses can look forward to streamlined data management and the incorporation of AI technologies into their operations, promising increased efficiency and competitiveness in the coming years. The positive market response demonstrates the high expectations and potential impact of this collaboration.