Ant Group’s AI Advancements in Wealth Management and Insurance


  • Ant Group introduces AI tool for wealth management and insurance.
  • Two applications, Zhixiaobao and Zhixiaozhu, cater to customers and financial professionals.
  • Ant Group joins the race with Tencent and Baidu in developing next-gen AI.
  • China approves the first batch of generative AI services for public use.
  • Ant Group plans to utilize the language model for market analysis, investor education, and insurance services.
  • The language model is trained on extensive datasets from financial documents.
  • Ant Group open sources its AI-powered coding platform, CodeFuse.
  • Zhixiaobao 2.0 is in closed testing and will be released to the public with regulatory approval.

Main AI News:

Ant Group Co. has emerged as a frontrunner with its groundbreaking artificial intelligence innovation tailored for wealth management and insurance services. This move firmly places Ant Group in the fast-paced race for next-generation AI dominance, a competition that has garnered significant attention within the tech world.

At the recent Inclusion Conference on the Bund in Shanghai, Ant Group unveiled its latest creation—a financial large language model that will drive two cutting-edge applications: Zhixiaobao and Zhixiaozhu. Zhixiaobao, a customer-centric solution, stands ready to provide prompt and accurate responses to client queries. Meanwhile, Zhixiaozhu, designed as an invaluable assistant for financial professionals, promises to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of wealth management operations.

Ant Group’s foray into this space puts it in direct competition with Chinese tech giants such as Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Baidu Inc., both of whom are vying to develop their own counterparts to the renowned ChatGPT. Notably, China recently granted approval for the public deployment of the first batch of generative AI services, marking a significant milestone in the burgeoning AI industry.

Beyond the immediate applications, Ant Group envisions deploying its powerful language model for an array of functions, including market analysis, investor education, insurance product elucidation, and claims verification. This sophisticated system has undergone rigorous training on vast datasets, comprising hundreds of billions of tokens, drawn from diverse sources, including Chinese financial documents and an impressive pool of over 1 trillion tokens from text document datasets.

Ant Group’s commitment to fostering innovation extends beyond its primary products. The company has taken a commendable step by open-sourcing its AI-powered coding platform, CodeFuse, aimed at empowering developers to harness the potential of AI in their projects.

As a testament to its dedication to quality and reliability, Ant Group has rigorously tested Zhixiaobao 2.0 in a closed environment for approximately six months. Once it secures the necessary regulatory approvals, the company plans to make this game-changing application available for public use. Simultaneously, its Zhixiaozhu app is undergoing additional rounds of testing, reaffirming Ant Group’s commitment to delivering excellence in the world of fintech.


Ant Group’s foray into AI-powered wealth management and insurance services positions them as a formidable contender in the competitive landscape alongside Tencent and Baidu. The approval of generative AI services in China underlines the industry’s growth potential. Ant Group’s broad applications for their language model signify their commitment to innovation, and open-sourcing CodeFuse is a strategic move to foster developer collaboration. As they prepare to release Zhixiaobao 2.0, Ant Group’s dedication to excellence remains clear, promising exciting developments in the fintech market.