Aon Enhances Fleet and Mobility Solutions with Acquisition of AI-Powered Platform

  • Aon plc acquires’s technology assets for commercial fleet enhancement.
  • Focus on data-driven insights for informed risk and business strategies.
  • Real-time view into commercial fleet performance to reduce accidents and lower risk costs.
  • AI-powered platform provides actionable insights based on driver, vehicle, and contextual data.
  • Aon expands its market-leading position with a comprehensive risk analytics suite.
  • Curtis Scott, EVP of Future Mobility at Aon, emphasizes the need for data-driven insights in evolving business models.

Main AI News:

Aon plc, a prominent global professional services firm, has announced the acquisition of’s technology assets and intellectual property. This strategic move aims to fortify Aon’s commercial fleet proposition, empowering its clients with data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Jillian Slyfield, Chief Innovation Officer at Aon, emphasized the increasing significance of data-driven tools for fleet and mobility clients. She stated, “Access to data-driven insights is crucial for our clients to navigate risks and optimize business strategies effectively. This acquisition underscores our commitment to leveraging technology to meet evolving client demands.”

The newly acquired capability will offer Aon’s clients a real-time perspective on commercial fleet performance, facilitating informed decisions to mitigate accidents and reduce overall risk costs. By harnessing artificial intelligence, the platform generates actionable insights derived from driver, vehicle, and contextual data, benefiting both traditional and sharing economy fleets.

This investment further solidifies Aon’s position as a market leader, enhancing its analytics, insights, and technology offerings for fleet and mobility clients. Aon plans to expand the reach of this technology by introducing a comprehensive risk analytics suite, delivering personalized data-driven insights at the portfolio, fleet, and driver levels.

Curtis Scott, Executive Vice President of Future Mobility and Digital Economy at Aon, highlighted the evolving needs of fleet and mobility business models. He remarked, “Data-driven insights and tailored risk transfer options are essential to unlock the full potential of fleet and mobility operations.” Scott emphasized that the acquisition accelerates Aon’s efforts to deliver differentiated value, leveraging client, carrier, and environmental data to drive growth and performance in fleet management.


The acquisition of’s technology assets by Aon plc marks a strategic move towards enhancing its offerings in the fleet and mobility market. By integrating advanced AI-powered capabilities, Aon is poised to provide clients with valuable data-driven insights for improved risk management and decision-making. This underscores the growing importance of technology-driven solutions in meeting the evolving demands of the fleet and mobility industry, positioning Aon as a leader in delivering tailored services and driving growth in the market.