Apolitical Secures $5M from Google.org to Expand Government AI Training

  • Apolitical receives $5 million grant from Google.org to scale Government AI Campus.
  • Program targets training one million global government workers in AI applications.
  • Initiative includes new courses, senior leadership convenings, and regional adaptations.
  • Emphasis on responsible AI integration and ethical considerations.
  • CEO Robyn Scott highlights gaps in AI training among public servants.
  • Google.org aims to empower civil servants globally with transformative AI skills.

Main AI News:

Apolitical, the leading global online platform for public servants, has secured a $5 million grant from Google.org to scale its Government AI Campus program. This initiative aims to empower the world’s 200 million civil servants with essential knowledge on governing and applying artificial intelligence.

During its pilot phase, the Government AI Campus successfully trained 13,000 public servants using curated content from prestigious institutions like Stanford Online, supported initially by Google.org and the Rockefeller Foundation. With the rising adoption of Generative AI, governments worldwide are increasingly exploring its potential to improve service delivery and policy implementation while enhancing operational efficiency. The Government AI Campus will equip public servants with the necessary skills and awareness to integrate Generative AI responsibly.

Over the next two years, the AI Campus targets to train one million government workers. Google.org’s funding will enable the expansion of the program through the introduction of five new courses, specialized convenings for senior decision-makers, a thought leadership series, and innovative tools tailored for government officials. This support will also facilitate the adaptation of AI Campus resources to diverse national contexts, collaborating closely with ministries in strategic regions to develop localized case studies and engage regional AI experts.

Robyn Scott, CEO and co-founder of Apolitical, expressed gratitude for Google.org’s support, emphasizing the critical role of comprehensive training in enabling governments to excel in the AI era. She highlighted that while 60% of public servants currently utilize Generative AI, only 35% have received formal guidance, and a mere 15% have undergone training. This initiative aims to bridge these gaps by delivering world-class training and resources.

Rowan Barnett, Director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Google.org, reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to empowering civil servants globally through AI education. He stressed the transformative potential of AI in the public sector, underscoring Google.org’s pride in supporting the Government AI Campus.

Reflecting on the program’s impact, Murat Soncul, Head of Privacy at the UK’s Central Digital and Data Office, praised the AI Campus for fostering a balanced perspective on AI’s ethical considerations. He emphasized that beyond technological advancements, AI profoundly impacts people, services, and data integrity.


Apolitical’s significant funding boost from Google.org underscores a growing recognition of AI’s pivotal role in public sector innovation. By expanding the Government AI Campus, Apolitical not only addresses current training gaps but also prepares government leaders worldwide to harness AI responsibly. This initiative sets a precedent for future collaborations between tech giants and public service institutions, promising a more AI-savvy and ethically aware governmental workforce.