Apple Developer Academy integrates AI training for all students and alumni

  • Apple Developer Academy expands curriculum to include AI training for all students and alumni.
  • New program aims to equip developers, designers, and entrepreneurs with essential AI skills.
  • Curriculum integrates coding, professional skills, design, and marketing with AI fundamentals.
  • Susan Prescott highlights Apple’s commitment to global developer empowerment.
  • Courses cover Core ML, AI model building, and deployment on Apple devices.
  • Students benefit from project-based learning and mentorship from a global alumni network.
  • WWDC24 announcements introduce enhanced tools like Xcode 16 and Swift 6.
  • Apple continues to support developers from foundational to advanced stages.

Main AI News:

Apple has announced a significant expansion in its educational offerings with the introduction of comprehensive AI training for all students and mentors at the Apple Developer Academy. In a move aimed at empowering the next generation of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs, Apple will extend this specialized training program to alumni of the academy as well. This initiative marks a pivotal development in Apple’s commitment to fostering innovation within the iOS app economy and beyond.

The core of this expansion lies in a newly designed curriculum that will be rolled out across 18 Developer Academies spanning six countries. This curriculum not only includes the fundamentals of AI technologies but also integrates with existing courses on coding, professional skills, design, and marketing. By equipping students with these essential competencies, Apple aims to catalyze local business growth and foster positive community impact worldwide.

Throughout the coursework, Apple’s core values of inclusivity and global stewardship will be woven into every aspect, encouraging students to design with empathy and create solutions that resonate on a global scale.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, emphasized the transformative power of coding as a universal language. She highlighted Apple’s commitment to providing developers worldwide with the tools and technologies needed to create groundbreaking experiences. Prescott expressed excitement about the innovative projects that students will develop and share with communities around the world.

Starting this fall, every student enrolled at an Apple Developer Academy will gain access to a tailored curriculum focused on building, training, and deploying machine learning models across Apple’s ecosystem of devices. The curriculum will cover a range of topics including the foundational principles of AI, frameworks such as Core ML optimized for high-performance on Apple hardware, and practical guidance on developing and training AI models from the ground up. Students will benefit from structured learning modules and hands-on project assignments, supported by a robust network of mentors and a global community of over 12,000 academy alumni.

Following the recent announcements at WWDC24, students will also gain enhanced access to cutting-edge tools and APIs designed to accelerate project development. Xcode 16, for example, introduces a host of productivity enhancements aimed at streamlining the development workflow. Notably, Swift Assist will serve as a powerful companion for developers, simplifying coding tasks and facilitating exploration of new frameworks and ideas. Swift 6 introduces advancements aimed at improving code clarity and enhancing support for concurrent programming, further empowering students to push the boundaries of app development.

Apple remains deeply committed to supporting students at every stage of their educational journey, from foundational learning in the global Foundations program to advanced skills development at the Developer Academies. By fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, Apple continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of app development on a global scale.


Apple’s initiative to integrate AI training into its Developer Academy curriculum signals a strategic move to empower a new generation of app developers with cutting-edge skills. By equipping students worldwide with AI proficiency alongside enhanced development tools, Apple is poised to catalyze innovation in the iOS app market and beyond, fostering a community of developers capable of creating impactful solutions on a global scale.


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