Arm’s stocks surge amidst AI technology demand surge 


  • Arm’s market value rose over 20% in pre-market trading due to increased demand for AI technology.
  • Revenue exceeded expectations, attributed to a rebound in smartphone sales and high AI demand.
  • Arm’s CEO highlighted the company’s benefit from tech firms seeking AI-driven products.
  • Despite SoftBank’s control, Arm reported a 14% revenue increase to $824 million.
  • Investors reacted positively, driving shares up by 41% during extended trading.
  • Arm’s potential secondary listing in London hints at future market strategies.

Main AI News:

Arm, the chip design giant, is riding high on the wave of soaring demand for artificial intelligence (AI) technology. With a remarkable twenty percent surge in its market value during pre-market trading, Arm’s shares experienced an unprecedented ascent, attributing the growth to a resurgence in the smartphone market and escalating demand for AI technology.

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Arm witnessed its shares surge by over twenty-two percent prior to the opening of Nasdaq, signaling investor enthusiasm following the company’s surpassing of revenue expectations. Rene Haas, Arm’s CEO, emphasized the lucrative opportunity stemming from tech firms’ increasing demand for AI-powered products and applications.

Despite being predominantly controlled by Japan’s SoftBank, which holds ninety percent of its shares, Arm’s revenue surged by fourteen percent year-on-year to $824 million in the final quarter of the calendar year, surpassing analyst forecasts. This growth was fueled by heightened interest from companies seeking to license Arm’s designs for AI applications, coupled with a notable recovery in smartphone sales.

In response to the promising outlook, Arm revised its full-year revenue and profit projections upwards, drawing positive reactions from investors. During extended trading on Wednesday, Arm’s shares skyrocketed by forty-one percent, closing at $77 per share, well above its debut price of $51 in September. Pre-market trading on Thursday suggested a potential opening price exceeding $93.

However, Arm faced criticism following its first quarterly report in November, particularly regarding the $500 million remuneration cost incurred after the New York listing. Despite efforts by the UK government to encourage a London listing, SoftBank’s decision to list in the US dealt a blow to London’s aspirations as a tech flotation hub.

Previously dually listed in both the UK and the US, Arm was acquired by SoftBank for £24.6 billion in 2016 and had been part of the FTSE for eighteen years. Despite SoftBank’s control, Arm pledged to maintain its UK presence, hinting at a potential secondary listing in London in the future.


Arm’s remarkable stock surge amidst rising AI demand underscores the company’s strategic positioning in the tech industry. The significant revenue growth, fueled by increased demand for AI technology and smartphone sales, signals a promising outlook for Arm’s market presence. Despite challenges, such as the controversy surrounding its listing decisions, Arm’s agility in adapting to market demands positions it favorably for future growth and expansion opportunities.