Asia Innovations Group Forges Strategic Alliance with AI3 Labs for Live-Streaming NFTs Empowered by Generative AI

  • Asia Innovations Group and AI3 Labs form a strategic alliance to pioneer live-streaming interactive NFTs driven by Generative AI.
  • The collaboration integrates AI3 Labs’ AI NFT products into Asia Innovations Group’s ecosystem of social entertainment apps, boasting 700 million users globally.
  • Caliber Venture Builder contributes cutting-edge technology to enable gasless transactions and embedded wallet functionality, enhancing user experience.
  • Dr. Luu, a prominent figure in the blockchain domain, emphasizes the importance of speed and low transaction costs in welcoming the next billion Web3 users.
  • AI3 Labs aims to decentralize economic gains from AI creations by leveraging blockchain technology, ensuring fair compensation for creators.
  • The initiative includes plans for migrating to AI3’s Layer 3 hyperchain, promising to redefine Web3 standards for accessibility and efficiency.
  • The project is set for launch in mid to late 2024, expected to reshape the digital landscape.

Main AI News:

In a monumental collaboration at the convergence of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, Asia Innovations Group Limited and AI3 Labs proudly announce a strategic alliance, marking the genesis of the world’s premier live-streaming interactive NFTs driven by Generative AI. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, the partnership will seamlessly embed AI3 Labs’ cutting-edge AI NFT products into its expansive ecosystem of social entertainment applications, boasting a staggering 700 million registered users spanning 150 regions. This transformative endeavor, facilitated in conjunction with Caliber Venture Builder, introduces an array of pioneering functionalities poised to revolutionize the Web3 landscape.

Drawing upon Caliber’s groundbreaking technology stack, AI3 will unveil a user-centric Web2-like interface, streamlining gasless transactions and integrating embedded wallet functionality, made viable through Account Abstraction and substantial reduction in transactional overheads. Engineered for scalability, the roll-up technology presently sustains an impressive throughput of 5,000 transactions per second (TPS), with projections indicating an exponential surge to over 100,000 TPS by 2025.

At the helm of Caliber stands Dr. Luu, an eminent luminary within the blockchain domain, armed with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. “The linchpin to onboarding the next billion Web3 aficionados hinges upon expediency and minimal transactional outlays,” remarked Dr. Luu. “We are elated to witness AI3 Labs embrace our groundbreaking technology, empowering creators to retain unequivocal ownership and capitalize on their creative endeavors.”

Central to AI3 Labs’ overarching vision is the decentralization of economic dividends stemming from AI-generated content, underpinned by the immutable ledger of blockchain technology, thereby ensuring equitable remuneration for individual AI artisans.

For AI3 Labs, the imminent launch of the live-streaming interactive NFT platform marks the dawn of a transformative journey, culminating in the migration to its proprietary Layer 3 AI3 hyperchain later this fiscal year. This paradigm-shifting initiative is poised to redefine the benchmarks of Web3 applications, heralding an epoch of inclusivity, efficacy, and unparalleled user engagement, aimed at enfranchising the next billion users onto the blockchain.

Currently in the developmental phase, the project is slated for a mid-to-late 2024 debut, promising to transcend existing paradigms and shape the contours of the digital frontier.


Asia Innovations Group’s strategic alliance with AI3 Labs signals a significant leap in the convergence of AI and blockchain, with the introduction of live-streaming NFTs. This transformative initiative, empowered by cutting-edge technology and a vast user base, not only enhances user experience but also sets new benchmarks for Web3 applications. The collaboration’s focus on decentralization and scalability positions it as a pivotal player in shaping the future landscape of digital innovation, offering a glimpse into the evolving dynamics of the market and the immense potential for growth in the blockchain and AI sectors.